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The royalty free images available on this site are grouped into "image packs".
You can either download an entire pack, or view the pack's page for more information and links to download individual images.

Christian Easter Pack
Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christianity, and over time, a large number of symbols and iconography has been created around it. This small pack features five common images used when celebrating the holiday.

Cross Pack 1
While it's not the only religion to make use of crosses, Christianity has created a number of variations of the basic cross to represent different things. This pack contains ten cross designs, all of which are variations of the standard Latin Cross.

Cross Pack 2
Continuing the theme that started with Cross Pack 1, this pack contains seven more cross designs. All of the crosses here are variations of the standard Greek Cross.

Party Pack
Everybody loves a good party! This pack gives you almost everything you need for invites, cards, and other printable supplies your party needs. Remember: if you don't like the colors in the preview image, you can easily change them with the on-site Customize tool or by tweaking the SVGs yourself.

Space Pack
Whether you're exploring the dark void of space or trying to fight off an alien invasion, you'll want a sturdy ship and a place to stay after the battle. This pack provides six different ship designs, a sun and a planet for your interstellar adventures.

Weather Pack
In my family, we like to end the day marking the calendar with little graphics to show what the weather was like that day. Maybe you'd like to do the same, or perhaps you need some extra sunshine for a project. Regardless, these eight images will get you started.

Also, don't forget that SVGs and some PNGs are transparent. This allows you to place them on top of each other to create new images (such as a sun peeking out from behind a cloud) very easily!