Cross Pack 2

Continuing the theme that started with Cross Pack 1, this pack contains seven more cross designs. All of the crosses here are variations of the standard Greek Cross.

Cross Botonnee
A decorative variant of the Greek Cross, this version has each arm end in a trefoil.

Cross Crosslet
This design created by connecting four Latin Crosses at their base. Each of the Latin Crosses is also pointing in a cardinal direction, helping to emphasize the meaning of this symbol: the spreading of Christianity via global ministry.

Cross Crosslet (variant)
This is simply a thinner variant of the Cross Crosslet.

Cross Fitchee
Crusaders are said to have carried a cross like this. Allegedly, they would prepare for their devotions by setting up a cross, and the sharpened point could be thrust into the ground with ease.

Five-fold Cross
The five Greek Crosses that make up this design represent the five wounds Jesus suffered during his crucifixion.

Due to it being used as part of the coat of arms for the Kingdom of Jerusalem, this design is also known as the Jerusalem Cross, though several other designs share that name.

Greek Cross
While the Latin Cross is the better known variant, the Greek Cross is the other primary cross design. Like the Latin Cross, many other designs are either based on this one or incorporate it in some way.

When five Greek Crosses are placed across an altar, they are said to represent the five wounds Jesus Christ received during his crucifixion.

Greek Cross with Chi Monogram
This design combines a Greek Cross with the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek spelling of 'Christ'.