The Goal of the Online Safari

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Long ago, back before the rise of social media and apps that do everything, the internet was an untamed wilderness. Surfing the web involved more than just checking a feed or dashboard. It was an engaging activity where you would visit many different sites, constantly encountering something new and interesting every time you clicked on a link.

Back then, most websites were niche affairs, created by individuals who wanted to promote themselves, show off their creative talents, or simply display their love for a specific interest. This feeling of novelty and wonder has largely been lost, as most of us have settled into the worlds created by large corporations.

In a way, many people online have become residents of gated communities. We spend most of our time making sure the white picket fence at the edge of the yard is sparkly white and the grass is green enough to meet the HOA's approval. Then we use what little time remains to attend PTA meetings where we all decry the horrors caused by the youth's rock music.

But in the back of our minds, we remember those days when we drove through Route 66, saw incredible sights, and experienced something new and wonderful.

And that's where we are now. My online "safari" is a virtual tour book that takes you outside of your normal routine and showcases the strange and marvelous online world that exists outside of an app or news feed.

Come along; it's time to go exploring again.