Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How are links chosen?
A: I've set up some tools to help me locate content online. These tools are designed to keep things unpredictable, which allows me to explore the internet in a new, fairly random way. When I find something interesting, I file it away until there's enough links of a certain type to add to a page.

Q: What won't you link to?
A: I won't link to anything promoting hate, illegal material, or pornography. Simply put, there's enough bad stuff online already. I don't want to add to it or promote it.

Q: Can I suggest a website?
A: Yes; see the contact page. But, while submitted links are accepted, keep in mind that they'll be added to the pile of 1,000+ URLs my scripts have gathered. There's no telling when I'll actually check them or if they'll be accepted, so please only submit them once.