About Mike's Sprite Editor

As the name implies, Mike's Sprite Editor is primarily aimed at creating sprites instead of complex photorealistic images.

Sprites are small, simple graphics, and they are typically restricted to a small color palette. Most of the time, they are used for things like toolbar buttons, cursors, and simple icons, though they are also used in simpler video games.

Most users don't need to work with sprites or limited palettes, so graphic editing software has generally moved towards making more detailed images. Those of us who still need this sort of tool are more or less left behind, as it's getting harder and harder for us to find editors that we can use. Hence, I coded my own editor to make things easier for myself, and I decided to release it to the world in case someone else has similar issues.

Feature overview

8 Tools

  • This includes your typical tools like the pencil, selection, fill, and line tools.
  • Color replacement tool; a "pencil" tool that only draws on a specific color.
  • Most tools also have a secondary effect that can be triggered by holding SHIFT. For example, the fill tool will produce a checkerboard instead of a solid color if you hold SHIFT and click on an area.

12 Filter effects

  • Easily adjust the colors using channel controls, swap one color for another, or tint the image.
  • Convert the image into dots using a halftone filter.
  • Distort the image with your choice of noise.
  • You can limit the area affected by a filter by simply using the selection tool.

And more...

  • Open and save images in JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats.
  • Customizable 16 color palette, plus an extra slot for drawing with 1-bit transparency.
  • Zoom in up to 3200%, for getting those pixels in just the right spot.
  • Relevant tool options are always in view rather than hidden away behind some "ribbon" or drop down menu.