Assembling the pieces

Posted on September 24th, 2018

I spent today much like yesterday: I worked on stuff for God Minded Gaming, and then focused on one of the side projects that should have only taken an hour or so to wrap up. Instead, it's taken two days. On the plus side, it's pretty much done, excluding some minor tweaks like spellchecks and marking the file timestamps.

I also took some time to fix two of the tools I've made for myself, and Patient 1274 for Tuesday is done and uploaded. The update for Thursday is probably going to be mostly text, unless there's something good in the ask box by Wednesday morning.

The plan for tomorrow, pending any morning surprises, is to get some of the drawing backlog taken care of. This mostly consists of some models that just haven't been worked on -- usually due to other stuff taking the focus away from them.

Ultimately, my goal for the week is to get as caught up on stuff as possible, given the time involved and the complexity of what I need to do.

Link of the day: Taps

Sometimes, when presented with multiple options, none of them are right. One must just learn to accept this.

Dealing with overload

Posted on September 23rd, 2018

Yesterday wasn't actually that good of a day for me. My blood sugar was all over the place, and even a nap didn't help shake the feeling that everything had devolved into chaos.

Thus, today was largely focused on getting things back on track. This began with spending the morning putting together some pages for God Minded Gaming, and then preparing a massive to-do list during the early afternoon. I basically went over every single project, listing everything that needed to be done.

Once the list was made, I decided to focus on one project that is both close to being completed and has a defined end point. This seemed like a simple enough idea, but I ran into problems almost every step of the way. Thus, the day was spent going between writing documentation on how things are supposed to work and editing the code so that it actually behaves like the documentation says it does.

The end result is that there's still quite a bit more to do, and that'll have to be left for another day.

Tomorrow's major focus is going to be on getting Tuesday's update for Patient 1274 ready, so this other project will need to be put on the back burner once again.

Link of the day: Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked like a Huge Pile of Ash

A predictive text program was force-fed the entire Harry Potter series, and then prompted to write an installment of its own. The result is precious, for all of the wrong reasons.

Another unintended gap

Posted on September 22nd, 2018

Lately I've been pushing in a lot of different directions, and one side effect of this is that I haven't been making entries like I used to. Of course, many days are the same, which leads to redundant, and rather boring entries.

So, I've been up to quite a few things this month.

The big things include writing stuff for various online projects, such as God Minded Gaming, VectorShoppe, and YHWH Seeker, with a little work going into yet another project.

Then there's the prototyping for both VectorShoppe and another project that may never get off the ground, both of which take time and effort.

I've managed to keep up with Patient 1274, and thanks to a dream I had a while back, I have material to give it a brief intermission story and include more updates per week than normal.

One thing that's helped me be more productive is a nifty dictation system I've managed to rig up. I needed to buy a new mic and app for it, but for $26 the investment seems to be paying off quickly!

As for family stuff, we've been hiking a lot and enjoyed a number of movie nights during September. We've also been exploiting a month-long special at Jet's -- they've been offering a "buy one, get one free" deal on large pizzas.

I'm not entirely sure what the future holds, as I've managed to pile a lot of different things on my plate, but I'm also hoping to try an "Inktober" challenge next month. I don't think it'll conflict with things too much, but we'll see.

Link of the day: How mayo-phobia is killing America

There are some weird articles being published these days, and this guy on YouTube just couldn't keep the insanity to himself. Nor can he keep himself together as he reads this shlocky piece of pseudojournalism.

An unexpected day out

Posted on August 31st, 2018

Yesterday was largely focused on getting the next batch of reviews readied for God Minded Gaming. Once that was done, I basically relaxed for the rest of the day.

This morning was spent fixing up those reviews and publishing them. I intentionally waited a day before proofreading them, as I've noticed this tends to produce better results.

Things changed after lunch, as we spent the afternoon as the local urgent care. Mom's been dealing with a little problem for the past two weeks, and since it's not improving, it's time to see the doctor again. After that stop it was off to the grocery store for some medication and random things.

Most of my day beyond that has been quietly spent going between different games and planning ahead for the next two updates of Patient 1274. I'll need to spend a little bit of time this weekend making one update, so I might go ahead and finish both of them.

Beyond that, I don't know what the weekend will bring.

Link of the day: Less than human

Rehabilitation projects can be difficult when racism enters the picture. Even if we're talking about rehabilitation for zombies.

Groceries and ghosts

Posted on August 29th, 2018

As expected, today was one of the busier ones. It began with visits to two grocery stores, and once that was taken care of, it was also a movie night.

What time I had available to work on things was spent working on a review for God Minded Gaming. It's not done, but with nearly 1,300 words, it's pretty far along. Tomorrow will probably be quieter, and thus a better day to write.

The movie for tonight was Ghostbusters 2. I picked this one because people have been talking about it and they've been mentioning scenes I didn't remember. I've pretty much memorized the first movie, so I wasn't surprised that there were some things I'd forgotten about; I just wanted to see them for myself.

Link of the day: The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Here's a fun little animation based on the popular song. The comments below the video are also interesting, as over half of them are references to Oh Brother Where Art Thou and the other half are about the song.

Melting in the sun

Posted on August 28th, 2018

The original plan for yesterday was to take a hike, but it was far too hot out for that to be feasible. Thus, we stayed home in the AC, and I focused on getting the personal project done and working properly.

Today it was cooler out, so we spent the morning and part of the afternoon on that long hike. By the end of it I was severely overheated, but otherwise fine. I spent what free time I had on getting tomorrow's update for Patient 1274 done and scheduled, and once that was taken care of, I just played CMS2018 and tried to relax.

Tomorrow sounds like it's going to be another busy day, so who knows how far I'll get.

Link of the day: Soviet automobile industry in a nutshell

An irriated russian man scores a one hit technical knockout on his own car in this short clip.

Balancing act

Posted on August 26th, 2018

Today really didn't go according to plan. I slept well, got up at a reasonable hour, and things seemed to be moving right along.

And then my blood sugar crashed while I was playing Dead Space 2. So I had a snack (essentially a second breakfast), cooled down for a moment, and things seemed normal.

An hour later, and it was time for breakfast. I was mid-way through pouring my meds when my blood sugar crashed again. This time I was shaking like crazy, so it must've dropped lower than it had earlier. Time for a third breakfast.

An hour later, I was having trouble thinking and was having more trouble. This time I checked my sugar via the glucometer, and it was actually abnormally high rather than low. Fun.

An hour after that, and I checked again. In the time since the previous check, my blood sugar had plummeted by about 30 points. So much for the original plan of heading to the Hall today -- things were too unsafe for that.

I had yet another snack and waited it out until lunchtime. By then, I had little to no equilibrium and was spending most of my effort just remaining upright.

Things eventually balanced out after a larger meal, but I still spent the day uncoordinated and in a fog.

Fun fun day.

On the plus side, I did manage to make an upgrade to one of my tools and nearly completed the side project I mentioned yesterday. Even though we're thinking of going for a hike tomorrow, I should still be able to finish it during the day. There's not much left, but enough is enough for now.

Link of the day: 2 minutes of happiness

I've been following this animator on Tumblr for a long time; I didn't know they had a YouTube account until just now. Enjoy the silly little animations!

Into the Dark Machine

Posted on August 25th, 2018

Today began rather early -- 4am. This wasn't that much of a surprise, as I'd gone to bed early enough that I'd expected to be up for the day sometime after 3am.

Most of the early morning was spent writing. Lately, I've been having a lot of trouble working on one specific review, so instead of trying to fix the draft or rewrite it from scratch yet again, I tabled it and focused on other reviews. Naturally, this meant that I wrote two reviews almost entirely today.

Part of the rest of the day was focused on the personal project idea I've been batting about. After some research during breakfast, I discovered that everybody who's tried to build something similar has used a LOT of MySQL code and tables to make it work.

Aside from the fact that I like working with MySQL about as much as I enjoyed attending high school, I didn't want this project to be that complex. There's also the issue that I wanted to make it possible to back everything up simply and easily; a condition that I can't easily meet with MySQL.

After some thought, I realized that I didn't really need much beyond some very basic features. Everything else I was trying to add was just superficial fluff -- I was designing a Ferris wheel when all I needed was a tire swing.

With some time and experimentation, I was able to get a workable prototype done during the afternoon. Finishing the project is now just a matter of making it pretty, which honestly shouldn't be too difficult as I already know what I want it to look like.

The rest of the day, as the title of this entry suggests, was spent blowing the hell out of necromorphs in Dead Space 2. Odds are, tomorrow or Monday I'll finish the game.

Link of the day: Muggs is Dead

Felix Colgrave made a new animation for a "music video". Naturally, it's a weird one.

Day old shawarma

Posted on August 23rd, 2018

Last night didn't go as planned. I stayed up late to finish a game, figuring I'd go to bed and sleep till morning with little issue. I was quite wrong on that front, as it took almost two hours to fall asleep, and then a certain fuzzball desperately wanted me up early. Thus, today was another bleary-eyed tired day.

But I made the most of it. By noon I had already prepared Patient 1274's update for tomorrow, and had pieced together a secondary post about how I make those updates. I've debated about making a behind the scenes post before, and since someone asked, why not reveal what's behind the curtain?

Most of the remainder of the day alternated between Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows and work on various things I needed to draw. For example, the graphics I've done for Ye Olde Vector Shoppe are all PNGs, and for the new site to be able to use them, I need them as specially written SVGs.

Tomorrow's going to be a bit on the weird side, so I'm hoping that everything will work out well. Part of this involves actually sleeping for a change, so things are already stacked against it.

Link of the day: Wintergatan - Marble Machine

Performance art meets unique music with this marble-powered music box.

Around the block

Posted on August 23rd, 2018

Yesterday was pretty uneventful -- I was dead tired thanks to the cats keeping me up during the night, and didn't do much of anything. The one major thing I did was to backup my files, wipe the partition, and then reload specific files in new and deliberate locations. Basically, this was a case of putting everything away and re-establishing order; the theory is that I'd be able to get more done if I wasn't staring at a total mess every time I tried to start something.

Today, we trekked out and spent the morning hiking. This was followed by some grocery shopping and a stop at one of the Mediterranean restaurants I'd found via DoorDash. It's also part grocery store, so I picked up some small goodies as well as my lunch of shawarma and kibbeh. Surprisingly, I ended up getting full before I could finish, so this supplied lunch for tomorrow as well.

Most of today was spent a little lost in thought, pondering over a small project that might be worth looking into. It's nothing terribly major, and some brief tinkering with code shows that it won't require anything more advanced than the apps I've already made for myself. I may start working on it later in the week, assuming I decide to continue with it.

The rest of the day was quiet, and we watched Rugrats in Paris for a movie night.

I stayed up a bit late playing Shovel Knight, beating the game.

Link of the day: Bakin' bacon pancakes

We decided to enjoy some pancakes this evening, and this song has been going round in my head ever since it was suggested.


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