Late night labors

Posted on August 3rd, 2007

Simply put, it's too fecking hot to sleep. Currently the temperature is in the 90's, and there's a fairly high amount of humidity. Hot air and humidity are a problem for me, as they make breathing difficult. It's easier to breathe while sitting up, so I figured that I might as well get on the computer with the fan blowing on me.

While the computer booted up I putzied about. Since I got the my key to the apartment complex it has been on the Crazy Frog keychain I ran across awhile back. I decided to move the key to another keychain, namely one of the glow in the dark cross keychains I have. This had an amusing and unintended effect. You see, I've been hanging my key up on the lamp I've been using as the sole source of light in the room. The cross soaks up the light from the three bulbs above it and then glows like kryptonite when the lights are off. Neat.

I've mostly been taking care of overdue business, such as updating the Whois records for this domain and tweaking my profiles on other sites to reflect both the move out of the boonies and the move off of LiveJournal.

At one point during the night I farted. This would not be notable under normal circumstances, but since my computer bluescreened a millisecond later I figured that it was worth cataloging the lethal effects of Mt. Dew and my digestive tract. As an added bonus the main ingredient of this biological weapon is available in the lobby for $1.25 .

In other news I decided to patch up the two prototype programs rather than combine them into one Voltron-eske program. The main benefit is that the CLI syntax would be easier work with and far easier to code.

I also decided to make a change on this site so that I could have an About page or something along those lines.

Lastly my eating habits of the past two weeks have caught up with me. I'm at 235 pounds, so I need to get back on the bandwagon while I still fit in the elevator.

While the outlook isn't all that great, I'm going to attempt to rest up a bit. The humidity has cleared up a bit at least, so here's hoping.


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