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Posted on October 8th, 2007

Today began roughly, but smoothed out a few hours later.

Progress-wise I simply made a bunch of notes, cleaned up the computer's file system and readied the next round of edits.

Around 4:00 PM I played METRIOD from start to finish. Naturally I used the Game Genie cart; I'm pathetic at this installment of the series. All I gave myself was infinite health and infinite missiles; I don't have codes to give myself the more important items like the Hi Jump Boots or the Ice Beam. Also, this was hardly a speedrun as it took about an hour and a half for me to beat the game even though I didn't bother with collecting the Energy Tanks, Missile Tanks or even the Varia Suit. One observation in Tourian was that metriods are pretty fecking hard to dislodge compared to the rest of the series. They also look more like jellyfish or Mochtriods.

The rest of the day was spent looking through the Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Many of the remarks are rather nitpicky and really don't make much sense in context, but then again I've seen some pretty bad arguments from both sides of the fence.

Today boasts more interesting links than yesterday, which is good for those of you that just skip through the entry until you see something to click on.

First up is the UserFriendly link of the day. Electric Sheep is a program that has your computer "dream" while it's "sleeping" (aka on Screen Saver). In practice it's like a World Community Grid that makes abstract pictures rather than life-saving research.

On the really disturbing side, I ran across this link about a patient in a nursing home that had purple pee. Unfortunately for them they hadn't gorged themselves of blue berry popsicles.

The last two links are both videos. First there's Symphony in Slang, an MGM short about St. Peter having trouble understanding one man's newfangled vocabulary.

The other video is from a game of HALO in which the author runs afoul of the game's physics and shoots himself Tom and Jerry style.

Tomorrow is yet another long trip back to the boonies. It's my turn in the dentist's chair, and I'm rather hoping that spending August eating M&Ms and other candy isn't going to be biting me in the enamel. It was about this time last year when dental work triggered some seriously chronic toothache.


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