Longest wait on record

Posted on March 9th, 2009

I spent a lot of the day working on the new site and comic for Background Service. The new site is nearly ready; just a few checks and it's ready to upload. The new comic is done. I discovered this afternoon that the computer can actually handle playing a DVD and the software I use to make the comic and program stuff. I figured it would superheat the computer or perhaps make it explode.

Around 3:30 PM mom and I left for a 4:00 PM doctor visit. Around 5:30 PM they called mom in. As we left the clinic, mom remarked about going straight home. Naturally, that was a bit disappointing, and I said as much. Apparently I put more emphasis on that than intended, as mom likened it to a little kid, remarking that she thought I might cry.

So without needing to fill a prescription, we visited Walgreens anyway and I got dinner. That was the plan prior to the hour and a half wait.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out some equations. After over an hour of trying and failing, I decided to pass the problem to the folks at Userfriendly. After all, there are people there that have aced math courses well beyond what I didn't pass in school. Naturally, they found the solution pretty quickly.

During the long wait at the doctor's office, I overheard a voice that sounded very familiar. Looking around, I spotted the speaker and noticed that he also looked very familiar. Was this one of the students I went to high school with? We're miles from that city, so it's unlikely, but who knows? If it was, I should go over and knock a few of his fillings loose for old time's sake.

I then overheard him mention that he was currently attending high school locally, so it was probably someone that just sounded and looked like him. I say "probably" because this wouldn't be the first time someone from there was over twenty and attending high school.

In any event, I did nothing.

I found today's link a little over a week ago but didn't know when to post it. Considering my overkill disappointment earlier, it's become prophetic. Family Guy clip.


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