Dinner with relatives

Posted on August 28th, 2008

I slept in till noon. Shortly after I got up the people working on the hall carpet got to our floor. As a result the cats were locked in mom's bedroom while the carpet people propped the door open. They finished up in a little over an hour.

I spent my computer time working with Sailor. Surprisingly the new MySQL tricks worked without a problem. However, the site's code was a bit of a mess (as prototyping usually leaves code) so I spent the rest of the time I had rewriting the code into a neat and compact form.

We weren't real sure who all was going to be meeting us at the buffet, and naturally feared a worse-case scenario. It turned out to just be my aunt and uncle. That was pretty much the best-case scenario. At the buffet itself they discovered a relative on their side of the family was there too, so they talked for a while before returning and chatting with us.

The topic of discussion ranged from the sale of our house to the antics of the landlord to some choice details of the wedding. After the meal, my aunt went to chior practice while we took my uncle home and got a quick tour of the place. They live in a tiny 1 bedroom home; it's quite small with little room to walk in.

Thus concluded the evening's entertainment.

We saw signs someone put up today asking for help finding their lost cat, whom they claim is sick and needs medication. The description loosely matches the description of the kitten we found wandering the halls awhile back. However, if it's that kitten the owner waited 9 days before posting the lost cat fliers -- if it's so urgent the cat get back to them why wait so long before posting about it? It's probably not that kitten, but one never knows. The description is very vague and no pictures are on the fliers.

Three links for today:
Three Panel Soul is an odd but likable webcomic.
Here's some photos of people playing with the moon.
Less than meets the eye -- a list of 12 G1 Transformers that the author considers ill-designed.


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