Blow me down

Posted on June 22nd, 2008

Today began unexpectedly early. Little One took a flying leap into the bookcase, knocking toys everywhere. The whole bookcase shook, knocking a few things off the top self. One of these these was my Batmobile, which could have really hurt someone if it landed on them. My parents and I spent the next half hour trying to locate it as it'd hurt to step on it. Mom found it, and I grudgingly started my day.

In the afternoon I noticed it getting dark in my room and I checked the radar. Seeing a nice storm with a history of hail and high winds arriving I went and told mom she won't be cleaning the balcony like she'd planned. We decided to bring the humming bird feeder inside, so I went out to get it. I came back in a moment later and had mom go get it. There was a large bee drowning in the nectar, and there's no way I'm bringing a bee inside. Mom dumped the feeder on the balcony and brought it in sans bee.

The storm rolled in shortly thereafter. During the storm the local tornado sirens went off, so we stayed glued to the TV to see where the danger was. It ended up going south of us and never spawned a funnel; it just ruined people's viewing of a race. In the past, an F4 tornado touched down and people were livid that a station broke into the football game to tell the viewers to take cover, so how many complaint do ya think today's interruption generated?

During the evening I downloaded two Linux distros to replace the broken Linux Virtual Machine. I've yet to install them though.

I spent most of the day thinking about a major planned change to my site. I have yet to start coding this change, but I'll get there soon enough.

In other news the A key on my keyboard is broken. It popped out and won't stay set in its place. Also, it doesn't always register that I've pressed it. Hence I've been typing a little slower to try to catch typos. I figure if this gets bad enough I'll get a replacement keyboard -- they aren't very expensive on Amazon.

Links for today:
Evil snow globes

Peel 'em while you got 'em

This piece of exercise equipment looks too good to be true, but it sure is fun to use!

Lastly, here's a bit of the surreal. A Beatles tribute band performs a Led Zeppelin song in this YouTube video.


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