Working things out

Posted on May 9th, 2008

Early on in the day there was some nasty fighting in the hall outside. Doors slamming, people yelling etc.

When mom went to do laundry I tagged along just in case the fighting started up again. It didn't.

Someone was using the sole dryer (the other two are busted), but as it had only 30 minutes left on the clock mom put a load in one of the three washers. The washers take about 30 minutes per load. After half an hour, mom returned to find that the one dryer had been restarted while the washer with our stuff had finished. A little later mom went down there and the dryer was done, but full of clothes. Mom kept returning and checking on it, but even an hour and a half after the dryer had finished, the person using it had not claimed their clothes. By now mom was pissed and our clothes had sat there wet for all this time. Mom wouldn't toss that person's clothing out of the dryer because the last time someone did that (possibly to this dryer hog) there was a fuss about it. There's also the chance that the person using this dryer was involved in the fighting earlier and may well get violent over something stupid like this.

In the end mom wrote a simple to the point note, stuck it in the dryer and brought our soggy clothes home. Those clothes have been hanging on the shower curtain's rod since then. They'll have to be washed all over again thanks to the dryer hog. Mind you, you pay to use those washers and dryers by the load, so we now have to pay for an extra load.

Mom decided to try exercising today so I walked her through my routine. A little after the note was left in that person's unmentionables we took a walk around the complex. We stopped at the club house and she gave the Super an ear full about the dryers.

The rest of my day was spent with Din, Necros Cavern and Clyde's Revenge. It's come to my attention that I haven't done much with Project Gold, Metal, Sailor or Parcae lately. Perhaps this is a good thing; perhaps not. I think all four ended up losing their way or never finding it to begin with. Tomorrow I'm going to see what can be done about them.

Tomorrow is also the biweekly shopping, so who knows what I may get done.

Earlier today I heard that the Mrs. Duggar is pregnant with her 18th child. At 41, she's really starting gamble. The older you get and the more kids you have, the more likely the next kid will be riding the short bus, not to mention her own health. There are limits on a woman's ability to reproduce you know.

For the heck of it I Googled "Dryer Hog". I ended up on this page: Your laundry has overstayed its welcome.


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