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Posted on April 19th, 2018

What a day.

It began with a really bad night. At first it was just the cats going crazy that kept us up, but then around 3:30 AM mom started having bad chest pains. We ultimately managed to settle everything down, though none of us managed to get much sleep before it was time to get up and head off to the doctor's.

The visit itself was fairly straightforward. My blood pressure was fine, ruling out the most likely cause of my recent nosebleeds. After poking around, the doctor prescribed a nasal spray to help with the inflammation and other issues he noticed. On a sad note, the office's little mascot Bella has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They've already adopted a puppy of the same breed, but Geno isn't going to take her place in people's hearts.

While I was being seen by the doctor, mom used my phone to call her doctor and schedule an appointment for herself. So, with only a small window of time open to us, we made a stop at the grocery store to get my spray as well as lunch and dinner.

Before we could eat however, there was another problem. The bank had contacted us concerning a possible fraudulent charge on our card. Getting that taken care of didn't go smoothly, as the number we had for the bank's fraud department has been reassigned to another bank's fraud department. Once that issue was dealt with, the situation was remedied fairly easily. Or so we thought.

After lunch, we headed back out so that mom could see the doctor about her chest pains. On the plus side, it's just her hiatal hernia acting up, not anything too severe like an impending heart attack or something. Obviously, the downside is that it still hurts quite a bit.

Since we had some time to spare, we stopped at the healthy junk food store and gathered up a small amount of tasty loot, and then visited Rite Aid for more treats and the over-the-counter medication that mom's doctor recommended.

And now for the other half of the bank fraud fuck up. The entire thing had resulted from dad trying to purchase a tablet online. The purchase was abnormal for us, so the bank declined the payment and alerted us to possible fraud. While that was cleared up with the bank, it seems that the online store he used didn't get the memo, and wasn't able to complete the order.

This led to additional confusion over what info he'd entered to which service, and so he attempted to use a different card to get the order to go through. This prompted a fraud alert from the other card, for the exact same reason. For more fun, we also received confirmation from the bank that the original payment went through. Just in case this wasn't confused enough, several of the parts dad ordered are labeled as "store pick up only", when he claims they were all to be shipped to us.

Sadly, that's not the end of the day's chaos. Charming has been acting weird all day. The poor guy just won't settle down, nor will he stop drinking and eating. Unfortunately, this escalated to him urinating in his cat bed this afternoon. Whatever he was given at the vet's yesterday seems to be making him high as a kite or otherwise crazed.

We eventually tried moving one of the litter boxes into the office. Charming immediately used it, and has been slowly calming down ever since. It's like he's forgotten that they were moved downstairs over a year ago.

Tomorrow's going to be another fun mess too, as we need to sort out the problem with dad's order.

Link of the day: Discord by Super Pony Beat

While this came out all the way back in 2011, back before the Spirit of Chaos was reformed, it seems to be very relevant to today.


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