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Posted on July 6th, 2016

Last night was rather bad. The cats were petrified by the fireworks that went off during the evening, and part of this was because a neighbor's family was setting stuff off in the street in front of our house. While these fireworks were clearly legally questionable, the shrieks and bangs were too much for our furry family.

We did what we could to comfort the cats, and after carrying them downstairs, I spent a few hours with them in the basement, quietly reading a translation of Inferno on my Kindle. In the meantime, mom went out and told the kids in the street to take their fireworks in their own backyard.

Around midnight, things had quieted down enough for everyone to feel safe coming out of hiding and we went to bed.

Shortly after getting up today, it occurred to me that it would be better to find substitutes for the software I want to replace than reinvent the wheel. This lead to me spending most of the day searching through lists of software to find the new programs.

The first two replacements turned out to be fairly easy to make. First, kpat was replaced by Pretty Good Solitaire, a new version of the old Solitaire Master that I used to have back in the days when 16-bit programs could run on Windows. Secondly, kwrite was easily replaced by the highly configurable Atom editor.

This left the need for a replacement for kolourpaint, which turned out to be the tricky one. Most raster editors are based on editing photos or the like, and I use kolourpaint for sprite work or other low pixel count images. None of the alternative programs I tried were worth the effort. I eventually tried to reconfigure GIMP to make it worthwhile to use that (as I already use GIMP for most raster image work), and after a lot of playing around and experimenting, I eventually found the settings that make it somewhat viable. It's not as easy to use, but hopefully that won't be a problem.

On another note, part of the evening was spent doing something a little unexpected. Basically, Charming wanted more comforting after last night, so I stayed cuddled with him for about an hour and a half after dinner. I also finished reading the conspiracy theory book, so I dunno what'll be the next major reading project. Probably one of the books on commedia dell'arte I never finished.

Link of the day: The Shot Seen Through the Galaxies

As Ask King Sombra comes to an end, the protagonist sacrificed himself to allow an evil to be banished from Equestria. This video commemorates the moment when all of Tumblrpon looked to the sky to witness the light that pierced the heavens.


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