What a day

Posted on June 15th, 2014

Today began with a bad night's sleep. For some reason, I just couldn't get comfortable. I pretty much figured out what the problem was when I woke up to severe cramping and a big round of liquishit.

From there it continued to a trip to Rite Aid for various things, and I picked up some Mt. Dew and normal Funyuns.

After lunch I proceeded to putzy around with different things as the buzz from the dew was too much to work around. But, towards dinnertime I had figured out something new and useful: I can now make DA journal skins!

During the early evening I began work on the next 1274 update, which leads me to the big event of the day.

While I was working, there was a sudden massive crash from downstairs. Figuring something had blown over or one of the birds had really hit the window, mom and I went downstairs to check on things.

Turned out, the bulldog from a few doors down had managed to get loose and had tangled its leash in the flower arrangement on our patio. Naturally, mom's crippling fear of dogs caused her to go into full meltdown.

We left the house, got in the car and drove over to where the dog lives. The garage was partially up, but there wasn't any sign that anybody was home. We knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, honked the car's horn a few times; and nothing.

Once we got back to the house, we called 911 to report the potentially dangerous situation. They dispatched an officer, who arrived shortly. I showed him around the fence to where the dog was, and explained briefly what happened, where the dog probably came from, etc.

At first, the officer moved to calm the dog down, as if he was going to free it and take it home from there. However, the dog was having none of it, and the officer decided to drop by the owner's house.

While he headed over there, I headed back to the car as another police car pulled up.

Not long after that, the guys that own the dog came out. Yes, they were home the whole time. It took an officer at their door to get them to realize their dog was missing. That doesn't say much about their character IMO.

Anyway, the dog was returned home safely, the police took a few statements, the flowers are back in place and the crisis is mostly over.

The reason I say 'mostly' is because mom won't go into the backyard at all anymore. After all, the dog got loose once, it could get loose again. In any event, the landlord should find this mess interesting. And yes, there are pictures documenting it.

Link of the day: Staggering Beauty

This is probably one of the weirder finds out there. Epilepsy warning; and turn the sound down.


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