Shopping and thinking

Posted on February 17th, 2008

The morning was spent doing the typical shopping. This time it's the day of the Daytona 500, and thus confused guys were everywhere getting last minute fixins for the race.

We were also getting fixins: tomorrow's going to be a Movie Morning. Basically, the three of us are going to watch a movie and munch on junk food. I'd prefer to have a Freschetta pizza for tomorrow, but the oven isn't trustworthy. Thus I picked up two Lean Cuisine pizzas. We also got two kinds of Frito's.

In other shopping news, there were a number of kids present today. One was wearing those Heelies (shoes that convert into roller skates and back by standing on the heel). He was well behaved and all, but later the loud speaker proclaimed that such foot wear is taboo in the store.

Also, one of the younger kids mistook me for Hagrid again. It's always a hoot to hear their excited attempts to get their parent's attention. "Mom! mom! MOM! It's that guy from Harry Potter! Mom! mom!" etc. In all cases, their mom continues shopping and replies "uh-huh. that's nice. uh-huh..."

I spent part of the evening looking up stuff about Kosher food. It surprised me how much of my diet seems to fit the bill and what things don't. We don't make an attempt to get kosher food (we're not Jewish after all) so the meat may or may not be kosher, and I can't vouch for how stuff was prepared. For example the ramen would be kosher if I didn't use the bouillon I normally use -- that bouillon made of both beef and milk. The staple meat-potatoes-corn combination looks kosher unless the meat is mom's meatloaf (milk is an ingredient). The Hot Pockets ain't (the ham and cheese variety is a double-whammy) and while the bologna is beef, I put cheese on my sandwiches thus invalidating it. Nearly everything else I eat appears to be kosher. Interestingly, kosher eating = healthy eating and Jews live longer than Christians.

In any event, Kosher Dill Pickles are called Kosher because they have garlic mixed in the brine, not because they are kosher in the above sense. Unless tainted, pickles are always Kosher in the religious sense.

The rest of my day was spent working with Project Parcae. It's moving along slowly, but there aren't any hang ups to speak of other than lack of computer time.

Today's clickables include two comics and a lawsuit.

Comic #1 is the Nintendo Super Squad, which is a random and screwed up comic featuring various Nintendo characters. Notably it references things in pop culture, including an obscure manga.

Comic #2 is a real Basket Case. It's a twisted Far Side -- as if Far Side wasn't twisted enough.

Lastly, here's a blog entry about a lawsuit. Some noisy kids get sued.


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