Birds, brats and cave bats

Posted on August 17th, 2013

This morning began with a trip to the bird store. A rather long trip to the bird store. Simply put, some mom had received a gift card and for some reason thought it would be a delightful idea to visit the store with her kids. The girl was well behaved, but the boy was grabby, trashy and uncontrolled. Leash laws exist in this city for a reason ya know?

That unpleasantness aside, things went pretty fast as we got the seed, got some random things we needed from a nearby grocery store, visited Toys R Us and picked up Subway for lunch.

Toys R Us had one of the new sets in; the baby cakes set. Pinkie pie's mold is the only one in the set that isn't a new design, and it does stand out. The vector they used on the back of the box stands out like a fireworks display as it's very poor quality compared to the other vectors.

In other news, the store we went to had some of the pasta salad I've been getting lately, and unlike the tubs from the country market this package had the nutrition facts printed on it. It was a bit of a shocker; the bowl of pasta salad has more fat than a medium pizza. No more of that I'm afraid.

Progress wise, I did a slew of things today. To start with, I updated A Wee Tiny Blog in response to an email I received about a bug someone found. I really should get back to those sourceforge projects one of these days rather than let them continue to rot. Anyway, I also edited the theme for Br. Francis, updated the posts for Emo and Cast Mine Thrive, cleared my DA messages and even sorted my DA favorites.

Most of the rest of the day was spent with Minecraft. I've decided to start over, as I didn't like the way things were going. Simply put, now that I know more about the mods I'm using, I can make better use of them. Also, the base just wasn't working out right. I need to completely rethink it, and the best way to do that is to start over.

The only remaining news is that one of the Steam titles I'm watching has gone on sale for 40% off for tomorrow only. I'm on the fence about it as the forum posts are generally negative, but $10 for two games might be a good purchase. Emphasis on "might".

I'm also thinking of spending tomorrow off the computer, opting to idle on the kindle instead, so that might just tip the scales a tad.

The link for today is a video by Digibrony about how ponies get their cutie marks and why the Apple family is always so late in getting theirs. The ending is an abrupt funny twist that needed shared.


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