A change of pace

Posted on May 26th, 2012

Yesterday I offered to try and help someone on UF with their 3D project. Not knowing if they replied or saw the reply by the time I went to bed, I made two plans for today. If they did see my reply, them I'd spend the day trying to help out. Otherwise I'd fuss over the comic.

Since they did indeed see my reply, I spent parts of the day fussing with their mesh in my 3D editors. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it to work -- strange things kept cropping up like faces connecting where they shouldn't and so on. Well, I tried anyway!

The other half of the day was spent busily playing DFO. Most of that was going through quests to advance the game along, but I did go back and play the Altar of Infinity a few times. After all, you can win items that are normally purchased with real money by running that dungeon.

There was a thunderstorm during the evening, so I did spend a bit just playing on the older DS.

The plan for the weekend is rather different than usual. Lately I've been seeing articles asking teens to just turn their cell phones off for an hour or otherwise get away for the net for just one hour. Apparently it's becoming very common to spend all day connected to the net. I admit I spend quite a bit of time just checking tumblr, DA, UF and so on, but I find these statistics kinda freaky.

Anyway, I think the various articles have a point: all of this constant checking stuff online is introducing a lot of unnecessary noise into our lives. Even in my daily reading this comes up: Wiersbe likes to point out similar things (music always playing, TV always on etc) and how we effectively pollute our environment with distractions. Granted, he'd have a lot to say about the internet, but it wasn't commonplace when these commentaries were written.

So I'm going to experiment here a little. Starting when I log off for the night tonight, I'm disconnecting this computer from the internet and leaving it offline all weekend. I thought ahead and had the WCG finish its current tasks and then stop, so that's all taken care of.

Also, since most of the games I have installed use the Steam cloud, I'll be playing something else this Sunday -- I'm thinking of playing some of the Humble Bundle games I picked up from Lexaloffle a while ago.

So the last link of the day for the weekend asks a very simple question: Can you tell school cafeteria lunches from prison cafeteria lunches?


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