I've never had so much trouble spending money

Posted on March 23rd, 2012

I had a little trouble falling asleep last night, but in the wee hours of the night I had some good ideas about my new tumblr. Namely, adding characters or crazy stuff I could have the hapless main character deal with. So this morning I spent about an hour thinking over my fanfic and killing large numbers of monsters for the drops needed to fashion some costumes.

The majority of the day after that was spent working on the code check and clean up for the blog script. It's almost done, and everything seems to work. I ended up rewriting a number of things (as expected) and even chucked a few things that weren't working well or were redundant. Tomorrow I should be able to finish the clean up; the templates can wait until Monday.

During the very early morning (ie, before I got up) the other dog that has moved into the neighborhood wandered through our backyard, across the driveway of the business next door and took a leak on their sign. Love the way folks are monitoring their animals.

In the mail today came my next batch of Filly blind bags. I snagged these off of ebay a few days ago from a real power seller. Actually, it was an ebay account belonging to a rather famous online toy store, as the coupon they included in the package made clear.

I now have 15 Fillys, 2 of which are duplicates.

And now for the part of the post that the subject line was talking about: I have never had so much trouble shopping online before!

One store I tried to order from had a major issue with its cart: every time I added something new, it cleared the previous shopping cart! After a slew of attempts I finally managed that order.

Next I tried to buy more Filly stuff from the online toy store. They only had 11 blind bags, so I got 10 and the sticker book. However, when I went to pay, the webpage stopped working, giving me a white page instead of the payment info. After fighting with that for a bit I managed to place the order, but what the buck people?

This evening I was notified that a rather expensive item on my DAZ wishlist was on sale for a huge discount. I attempted to snap it up, but when I went to place the order the page loaded, and loaded, and loaded...

Yet again I fought to place a simple order! I eventually got it to go through and everything seems fine. Well mostly; the item appears twice in my downloads (once on the bill fortunately) and I ended up getting several confirmation emails.

What's with the net today?!

On a completely different note, here's a guy scaring a lot of people.


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