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Posted on March 22nd, 2012

Things could have gone smoother with the coding today, but I'll get to that in a sec. Recently new neighbors have moved in down the way, and this morning one of their boxers was lapping out of our birdbath on the patio. Hooray for leash laws! Why is everyone getting boxers or pit bull these days? Naturally, mom's been rather upset over the whole situation.

The majority of my efforts today were spent working on a new feature the blog script really should have. This proved unexpectedly hard to implement and took a lot more tries than I expected. In the end it works, so I guess that's the end of that. I need to move some code around, but that should be it for this version. Just a quick mark up and code check to go. Of course I need to do the templates and other things that go with the code, but that isn't very hard.

During the evening I spent more time working on the new template for DBHL. It's now done, so I can begin touching up the content tomorrow.

Late in the day I attempted some work on the fanfic, though that didn't go anywhere. That was partially because I'm just wearing down at the end of the day and partially because I need to think about the scene more.

One other unexpected twist happened today. I came up with a fun idea for a tumblr comic. Since I can't get anywhere with the bosses in Terraria, I thought I'd start a new character with pieces of end game equipment and chronicle his journey in the game. Of course, the typical "I built this today" journal would get boring quickly, so I put a spin on things. Meet Emo the Explorer, a wangsty fellow who's droll and pessimistic outlook on life will be hilarious to watch. Sometime later I'll do a better theme for the page and userpic. Anywho, someone (other than me) is already watching it!

I was going to do an ask pony tumblr, but honestly I think that may be putting too much on my plate. So instead of drawing each post by hand, I figure why not just make silly screen caps and add funny captions? I play Terraria often enough to come up with some clever ones easily.

Humorously, I'd forgotten how to take screenshots using Steam's overlay and had to check the forums to find out how to do it.

The link for the day is a video featuring a series of activities I wouldn't even try to attempt in a video game let alone in real life.


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