Trial by order

Posted on March 20th, 2012

A far amount of the day was spent playing Terraria. I've been debating on giving up on the game lately, as hardmode is simply too hard for a solo player. After following advice elsewhere, I managed to get some of the best armor and quite powerful weapons, but still stand no chance against any of the bosses. Looking at videos on YouTube pretty much confirmed that the bosses aren't solo-able, which to me argues that the game isn't properly balanced yet. Unfortunately, the game's development has been discontinued. Thus it's going to stay impossible, so I'm putting it away.

Project-wise, I focused on both DBHL and the blog code at points throughout the day. I didn't say anything about this yesterday, but I'm going to give DBHL an overhaul. I see a lot of things I can do better and it's just tacky to leave them the way they are. Basically this overhaul will be the next update.

The blog code has been revised so that dates are easier to manage and I made a few performance tweaks in there as well. Additionally, I developed a script to copy the backup of this blog into the new database for the blog script. This was needed to give me something to work with while working on the new blog code and because of some internal differences a straight up copy doesn't work.

During the evening I did some further research on Filly. From what I can gather, it's a largely European phenomenon. Nobody in the US carries more than the absolute basics (sticker book, collector's tin and the blind bags themselves). However, places in the UK get all of the goodies. I also noted that the franchise's company is a German company and doesn't seem to have a US branch. I found the toys on, and opted to test the waters by purchasing the big Filly Fairy Dream Castle playset. With shipping, it came to a mere $53 and will hopefully arrive late next week or early April. If this goes well, I'll snag more from over there and maybe even send some Filly my niece's way.

It's sure to make a person smile!


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