Pizza and progress

Posted on December 22nd, 2011

Yesterday didn't go very well. My plan was to do some baking and work on the fanfic, but for reasons none of us can figure out I spent the day feeling like a powder keg underneath an old fashioned torch. That lovely "I have one nerve and you're about to step on it" feeling doesn't make for good cooking or writing, so I set both aside and simply played RuneScape for most of the day. On the plus side they had just started their Christmas event, so there was a special series of tasks to do and special once-in-a-lifetime prizes to win.

Yesterday's big event though was the pizza movie night in the early evening. I opted to have some fried chicken with my pizza and jos. The movie was the new Green Lantern, which was fairly true to the comic and even left a hook for a sequel.

Towards the end of the day the edginess was wearing off, so I had loaded up the fanfic to do some writing before bed. This went fairly well until the modem lost the signal and the net connection died. Since I had the story up in the browser I copied it into Notepad and resumed editing it there. The net was still down an hour later, so I went to bed without a journal entry or saving the story online.

Today I didn't have that pins and needles feeling, but instead I spent the morning and afternoon feeling like every bone in my body was partially fused with its neighbors. I thought I'd give up and spend another day doing nothing, but as the day went on the feeling went away.

As a result the fanfic was completed, edited, proofread and uploaded. I also redid an image I'd scribbled yesterday while waiting for the internet to reconnect. That can be found here.

During the evening I also found the energy to fix a batch of pebber nodder, a Christmasy snack from over in east Europe. I do enjoy fixing atypical foods. Sure, this one wasn't another Jewish dish, but honestly, who expects there to be a special Jewish dish for Christmas anyway?

Someday soon I'll try Speculaas, another east Europe winter snack. I'll have to improvise a tad as I don't have a speculaas mold -- I'll just use a small cookie cutter.

Note though that both of these snacks are actually traditional for Sinterklaas, which is a feast featuring the original St. Nicholas. It's held on December 5th (or 6th in some countries). So it's not exactly Christmas fare; in fact doing it now is kinda late. In my defense I remembered that these treats existed, but I couldn't remember what they were called (and thus couldn't find a recipe) until just the other day when a lucky Google search found the answer.

Lastly, there's a lot of people out there (myself included) that wish this thing was real. Javascript required.


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