Fastest buck in Arad

Posted on March 2nd, 2011

Today's focus was on drawing content for Reflections and earning gold in DFO. The drawing buggered up at first, but smoothed out later on. Try and try again I guess.

DFO got interesting. Someone put one of the Astral Healer set pieces I was missing up for auction but for less than 1/3 of the normal price. I rushed to make the remaining 1 million gold I needed to match the asking price before someone else got it or the auction ended. In the end I did it by setting up a shop in the middle of Snow Pass ( a very high traffic area and a higher level area ). I priced things lower than the typical auction house price for the same item, so the price was an attractant. I also opted to sell cube fragments ( used by quests and special extremely powerful moves ), health and mana potions ( which can not be bought from NPCs, someone has to find them in dungeons ) and some avatar pieces -- expensive and high demand items.

I also bought $20 worth of av tokens in hope of getting one of the pieces of the set I was after. I didn't; but the avs I did get should sell for about 3 million gold.

By the end of the day today, I've managed to collect all but on piece of the Astral Healer set.

In other news, my blood sugar crashed at 11:00 PM. I was feeling woozy, and figured it could just be sleepiness from the end of the day but it didn't quite feel right for that. So I took my blood sugar and it was in the low 70s and dropping. What we had been doing diet wise had been working, but something threw it off this evening. I've had a snack, so it should hold until morning now, but it shouldn't have dropped to begin with! I'll be up for a bit and check it again to be sure it's stabilized, then it's to bed.

Today's link of the day is a follow up to yesterday's link. Yesterday's fake food from powder video was interesting, but the "food" was inedible and was just to look pretty. Today's link is a brand that does the same thing, but is actually edible candy.

Three links to show this wonder off:
Poppin Cookin #1
Poppin Cookin #2
Poppin Cookin #3.


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