Doctor visit

Posted on February 9th, 2011

The major problem with visiting the doctor today was that it required getting up much earlier than normal, thus I spent the day exhausted.

As usual, I was shown to a room quickly whereupon I waited for about an hour. The actual visit was short but informative. He really didn't like the lab result, and so we spent a lot of time talking about controlling the blood sugar. Overall, his biggest objection was to the fries I've been having with lunch, so we need to either find a substitute or make some other arrangement work. Oddly, he wants me to take a few diabetic classes at the local hospital. He says they'll be able to provide more detailed information and probably help. I'm real skeptical of the idea, mainly because there's more in play than just low blood sugar that the high-protein diet flier I was given allows for. Let's see this class balance a low fat, low sodium, low carb, high protein diet. The meals suggested in the flier include LOTS of eggs, bacon and other meats that will greatly overshoot my ability to tolerate fat by noon. of course, there's the problem of these classes being mainly aimed at people with hyperglycemia, which for me is the wrong end of the spectrum.

As for the digestion issues, his suggestion was to have a serving of oatmeal before bed. While I managed to actually produce something quasi-edible by following the directions on the oatmeal box, it resembled wallpaper paste in texture, appearance and flavor. By the time I was done eating I was ready to puke.

After the visit with the doc was over, we stopped at home to get lunch before continuing on. By this point I was already drained from not getting enough sleep and my sugar was low, so our conversation about how to handle the changes didn't make much sense. In the end my lunch was only ~450 calories instead of the usual 650-700, as we left out the fries and lacked anything to go in their place. I thought we'd agreed on having a glass of milk in their place at lunch, but mom was talking about having it in the mid-afternoon, so I gave up trying to understand it. I don't think well when tired or when on a low, so trying to assimilate this new diet plan and explain what the doctor had said AND follow a conversation was simply beyond me. I'd tried to be clear about what the doctor had said, but either mom was also having a sugar low or I wasn't hearing her questions correctly because that was one disjointed and confused conversation.

We went to the pharmacy after lunch and picked up some prescriptions. This took surprisingly little time, so we headed off the grocery store to pick up a few things like the oatmeal. I spent the time in the store about as awake as the zombies in Left for Dead.

I spent the rest of the day hazily playing that game, working on gathering achievements. I really didn't play well, but I was able to snag the ones I was aiming for. A few of them I'd already put some effort into, so it was more a matter of wrapping them up than achieving them from scratch.

Obviously, today was not a good day to be productive; there simply wasn't enough brainpower for it.

There are two links for today. They are pretty much two parts of the same whole. They discuss the new Turbo Encabulator and its inner workings. Or most of the day from my perspective.


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