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Posted on January 19th, 2011

Lately I've been focusing on the coding I've been working on late into the night. Thus when it's time to wrap up the day I'm too tired to write anything coherently about what had happened that day.

Monday morning we made a quick run to the store to grab random things that couldn't wait until Tuesday morning. Most of the rest of the day was spent working out why the old laptop had such trouble with my code. I'd tested this same code on five machines; only the one laptop had issues with it. On the other machines it used about 5% of the CPU, but on that one it would use between 60% and 100%. After some discussion on UF we finally tracked the problem down. Hardware acceleration features were enabled in that laptop's control panel -- disabling them took the code back to 5% like the rest of the machines.

Tuesday was the big shopping trip and other errands. We had to wait a day as we needed to stop at both the bank and post office which were naturally closed for the holiday. I spent the day working out kinks in the code and had the SDL version using about 8% CPU on average, making it a prime candidate for developing the entire program suite.

Today was spent in a bit of a stupor. For some reason I've been very tired and dopey all day. I did write out the next script and get the background for the comic done however.

This evening we got to talking about when the next appointment with the hair salon was going to be, and we decided to change plans a little. With dad's help, I shaved for the first time; I'd been growing that beard since 1999! Obviously I got it trimmed periodically, but it's never been removed completely before. Psoriasis causes a lot of damaged skin where ever there's hair, so my throat's in bad shape. The mustache was also becoming a problem as it was getting long enough to start turning into handlebars. Hopefully with both gone the skin will breathe and heal for a while.

Another thing of interest (though not as shocking) that I did today was sort the games in my Steam account a little. Now there's a group of favorites, a group for games that haven't been beaten yet and a group for games I'm trying to earn achievements on. It's much easier to keep track of them that way.

The link for today is a video of a dance competition. The neat part is that the contestants are robots. Well, with the exception of the entry at 2:20; it seems their robots don't work. The one dancing the Hare Hare Yukai and the kabuki dancer are mind-blowing however.


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