Cooling off

Posted on October 18th, 2010

Last night before I went to bed I spent some time looking over anger-management tips and information to see if I could curb the bad mood I've been in lately. This page gives a lot of information on the subject. Out of the 10 sources for anger given, 6 apply to the current situation.

So I spent some time rationalizing my way out of the hole that had been dug. Realistically, it's unlikely that I'd be hit with a patent troll's lawsuit. Frankly, none of my projects are truly innovative enough to warrant much attention and all of them are in fields where there are much better targets to go after. Also, it seems that the trolls are wary of attacking open source projects; the most recent article on the subject I could find was a case where Red Hat and Novell were sued in 2006. They hit back HARD and nobody seems to be willing to try again. Sourceforge has been sued a few times, but not in a patent case as far as I could find.

Today began with a trip to gather supplies for the movie nights we'd planned. Yesterday's movie night did not go very smoothly as we had a regular dinner. After discussing the problems from yesterday, we opted for sandwiches and chips. At the store I found a new type of chips to try. They are the same brand and flavor as the ones I like best, but are only 1/3 of the fat of the normal chips. They turned out to be pretty good; the main difference between them and the normal chips is that they are slightly crunchier.

The store was extremely crowded and tricky to navigate. Turns out, there's some sports game going on, so everyone is stocking up on junk food for the big game.

I spent part of the afternoon working on the comics. I finished one and corrected an error in a comic from next week, then ran into a problem. I didn't like how the script was going for the next comic, and spent a good fraction of the day trying to re-work it. I came up with a solution, but too late to implement it.

While watching The Mummy Returns this evening I enjoyed a large bowl of chips and some fat free ice cream we'd found at the store today. It's great to be able to eat as much as I want again. I even got to have some Halloween candy. All told, today's fat intake was just 34g.

I did something else while we watched the movie: using the DS I did some shopping. I checked reviews and eventually bought two games for the DS from the DSiWare store. Yes, I know I wasn't going to spend any more money on games this year -- I didn't. These were bought using DSi Points that had already been paid for.

The link of the day is a list of reasons why burning your mouth and backdoor is a good thing.


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