Unexpected Returns

Posted on November 15th, 2007

I started out today trying to do-over the program I've been messing with to make it use less memory. After a few hours of coding, the new version could be tested. Unfortunately, the new version uses MORE memory than the original. I took a break and messed about online. One of the things I looked up was Windows Shell Replacements -- programs that replace the standard user interface of Windows theoretically for the better. The program I've been developing is a pseudo-shell replacement. Instead of actually replacing the shell it merely disables the taskbar and provides a Program Manager like menu. Save for the memory, this project was actually going quite well. Even when you count the memory this program get allocated it's far less than Explorer.

Anyway, I was looking stuff up about Windows Shell Replacements, and I discovered something completely unexpected. My favorite Window Manager (the *nix idea of a Shell Replacement) is available as a Shell Replacement for Windows. I spent the rest of the night configuring and tinkering with it.

Now it's installed and ready to go; I just need to edit the main menu. If my experience with the Linux version of this program is any indication, that's a day's work in and of itself.

The main perk of using this program is that I like it a LOT better than how Windows normally works. The second biggest perk will be screwing with people's heads when they can't tell what operating system I'm using.

Of course, now that I have a quality Windows Shell Replacement I don't need to bother with the pseudo-shell replacement I've been working on. While it's kinda odd to quit working on a project I've spend days developing it's not a big loss. I learned a huge number of new tricks working on this project. I do mean huge: you couldn't see the desktop for all of the prototype programs I wrote as tests!

In other news, today netted four links:
1. The Creation Museum got reviewed. This is the place that thinks dinosaurs and people co-existed and is seriously drunk on Creationism and Intelligent Design's kool-aid. The reviewer summed it all up in a word: horsesh*t.

2. Hollywood has proven that the end is neigh. It's making a Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie. If'n you never followed this anime, the basic idea is that if you get a full set of Dragon Balls (7 to a set) you will be granted a wish. Wishes have included restoring a forest that burned down and granting the wisher with immortality. If you really want a set of Dragon Balls, just ask the right Furries and have a scalpel handy. That beats all of that combat.

3. Some people have a lot of time on their hands. Here's a page dedicated to the many appearances of Mario.

4. Lastly, the comic strip BC had a Thanksgiving special back in the 70s. You can view it here. To be frank, I hadn't pictured the group as so remarkably dumb before. Oh, and by the by,



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