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Posted on September 27th, 2010

Today didn't quite go as planned. Originally I was going to work on comics most of the day. Instead, we went over to our friend's and spent a few hours with her and some of her friends from across the pond. I took the computer over there to deliver it to her daughter since it should be all ready to go.

When we called to see if this was a good time to drop things off, the daughter was there. By the time we got there, she'd scurried off. So I wrote a few notes and placed them on the computer's desktop, since I couldn't show her how the new system worked personally. Knowing her daughter can be rather flaky, our friend paid me the $30 I was asking for and will see about getting the money from her daughter in the future.

After we left there we headed over to Wal*mart to find mom a new radio. After looking around, she didn't find what she wanted, so we ended up not buying anything.

On the way out we stopped and bought lunch at the Subway in the store. The person ahead of us at the counter would've fit on People of Walmart save for the fact that she was dressed decently. She was short, fat and had ordered a number of subs, all of which had to be made *perfectly*. She gave specific instructions for every little detail as if this was a gourmet restaurant.

It was 2:00 PM when we got home, and nearly 3:00 by the time we finished eating.

I spent very little time being productive today, as there wasn't much time to do anything in. The comic I was having trouble with yesterday is completed however.

The $30 was spent on two Steam purchases: Titan Quest and the Puzzle Indie pack. Now I have Titan Quest on DVD, but I had some real problems with it. The hope is that the version on Steam will work as several of the possible reasons (questionable media quality, failing DVD-ROM etc) for those problems aren't involved. Interestingly (and perhaps tellingly), it was $5 at the store, $15 via Steam. I won't be able to play these new games 'till tomorrow however.

Of course, tomorrow's grocery day and I still need to draw some comics. Those games may not get played for a bit.

The link for the day is a little heavy on the swearing, but I'm sure we've all wanted to do this to someone.


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