Day of oddities

Posted on May 25th, 2010

Some strange stuff happened today. For starters, at the grocery store there was a woman in a hijab buying bacon. Doesn't Islam forbid pork?

Lunch was a disaster. The store didn't have much out, so I got a small container of BBQ chicken and a little lunch meat sandwich. The "microwave safe" container the chicken was in had a hole burned in it after nuking it. Then something in the sandwich caused my nose to burn badly with each bite. I don't mean "burn" as in "spicy". I mean "burn" as in chemical burn. That hurt!

During dinner the new neighbor's toddler wandered into the yard and dumped another neighbor's bird feeder. Her parents didn't seem to notice or care while my parents and the neighbors that put up the feeder banged on windows and tried (completely unsuccessfully) to get the girl's attention. Dad ended up going out and shooing her off. This doesn't bode well for the summer.

The last oddity was encountered during a session of Guild Wars. I entered one of the Pre-Searing towns to chat with two of the NPCs about Quests, and discovered that the town was full of about 40 to 70 people, all seated around a central speaker. This speaker was using the chat feature to, one sentience at a time, either tell a story or deliver a sermon; I'm not sure which. I should have snapped a screen shot, but was a little too dumbstruck. The town in question is Foible's Fair; a sort of camp ground in the middle of a forest. It's normally quite empty. Some of the player characters had kanji for their guild tag. Quite a group!

And while writing this I just glanced over and spotted a spider with a leg span of at least a half-dollar on the wall. It took several direct hits to kill it.

Anyway, I was going to spend the day working on a new version of my hangman game -- part of a grand over-arcing plan -- but as I got things cleared up a little to begin fresh I realized that I'd left some things unfinished. So I spent the day finishing the new version of Background Service's site and getting it in place. Volia!

I spent the last hour or so cleaning up the hard drive and deleting stuff I don't need to keep. I noticed that the drive's free space had dropped below 100 GB and was a little concerned over that. Overall, I ended up freeing ~80 GB, moving the amount of free space back where I expected it to be. I have a little program from days gone by that makes finding the space hogs easy.

Today's link of the day is a funny little example of what happens when people are in dire need of entertainment.


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