Posts from 2018

April 13th, 2018Here's something I haven't done in a while
April 13th, 2018Sculpting away
April 15th, 2018Patient transfers continue
April 15th, 2018Service and sirens
April 16th, 2018Putting the pieces together
April 17th, 2018A Charming day
April 19th, 2018I can't sit idly; no I can not move at all
April 19th, 2018Not quite sober yet
April 21st, 2018Bit of a long day
April 22nd, 2018Returning to the skies
April 23rd, 2018Thinking about things
April 24th, 2018Scripting away
April 25th, 2018A rainy day out
April 26th, 2018Slow but steady progress
April 27th, 2018Careful wording
April 28th, 2018More of the same
April 29th, 2018Tweaking plans
April 29th, 2018I've had better
May 1st, 2018Putting things together
May 1st, 2018The nose knows
May 3rd, 2018Change of plans
May 4th, 2018Bit of a mixed bag
May 5th, 2018Sort of an off day
May 5th, 2018A walk through the woods
May 7th, 2018An otherwise unremarkable day
May 8th, 2018The greatest schmoe on Earth
May 10th, 2018Dealing with overload
May 10th, 2018Rumbly in the tumbly
May 11th, 2018Slow going
May 12th, 2018Creeping along
May 13th, 2018Lunch on the road
May 14th, 2018Somewhat awkward day
May 15th, 2018Falling into place
May 16th, 2018Keeping quiet
May 17th, 2018Preparations
May 18th, 2018Clean und tidy
May 19th, 2018The day the weather couldn't make up its mind
May 20th, 2018Trying something new
May 21st, 2018An unexpected journey
May 23rd, 2018One post, two days
May 24th, 2018Further preparations
May 25th, 2018Wiping the day away
May 26th, 2018Cup half empty
May 27th, 2018Overseer and a baby
May 28th, 2018Rough time of it
May 29th, 2018Finding the new groove
May 30th, 2018Out to market
May 31st, 2018Breaking 1,000
June 1st, 2018New day, new problems
June 4th, 2018Slow and Rough Days
June 6th, 2018Not Trixie
June 6th, 2018End of another day
June 7th, 2018One last visit
June 9th, 2018A day to think
June 12th, 2018Such fun!
June 13th, 2018When small tweaks are big projects
June 14th, 2018Browsing history
June 15th, 2018Putting pieces together
June 16th, 2018Long live the system
June 17th, 2018Reading the manual
June 18th, 2018Flipping houses and pages
June 20th, 2018Progress is slower than desired
June 21st, 2018Rendering away
June 22nd, 2018Not really into it
June 27th, 2018Getting back in gear
June 28th, 2018Hippie sloths, what next?
June 29th, 2018Tides of change
June 30th, 2018Serious Saturday
July 1st, 2018Been a minute
July 2nd, 2018A little bit batty
July 3rd, 2018Playing and preparing
July 4th, 2018Wrong crown
July 5th, 2018This is too easy
July 31st, 2018The Convention
July 31st, 2018Locked up tight
August 1st, 2018Little of this, little of that
August 2nd, 2018Funny how that worked
August 3rd, 2018Been a while
August 5th, 2018Magical glowing rocks
August 6th, 2018Looking back
August 8th, 2018Throbbin' gnoggin
August 8th, 2018I love it when a plan comes together
August 9th, 2018Double day
August 12th, 2018Contents under pressure
August 19th, 2018It's been quite a week
August 20th, 2018Deer Diary
August 23rd, 2018Around the block
August 23rd, 2018Day old shawarma
August 25th, 2018Into the Dark Machine
August 26th, 2018Balancing act
August 28th, 2018Melting in the sun
August 29th, 2018Groceries and ghosts
August 31st, 2018An unexpected day out
September 22nd, 2018Another unintended gap
September 23rd, 2018Dealing with overload
September 24th, 2018Assembling the pieces


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