Posts from 2016

January 1st, 2016Zombies and more
January 1st, 2016A bit overindulgent
January 3rd, 2016Grinding gears
January 5th, 2016 Dinner and a movie
January 6th, 2016My Little Hyena
January 6th, 2016Another day of questionable eating
January 8th, 2016Yet more shopping
January 9th, 2016Space westerns and writing
January 9th, 2016Debating about the future
January 11th, 2016Superheroes wear footie pajamas
January 12th, 2016A little disorganized
January 12th, 2016Words
January 14th, 2016Writing, editing and the Crimson Lance
January 16th, 2016Bit of catching up
January 17th, 2016And Pandora was conquered
January 18th, 2016Shocking developments
January 20th, 2016Little of everything
January 24th, 2016Catching up
January 25th, 2016The dam burst
January 27th, 2016Mystery of the tray
January 28th, 2016Another item on the list
January 28th, 2016Closer to the goal
January 30th, 2016Reinventing the Wheel
February 4th, 2016Trying to rekindle the fire
February 4th, 2016Getting back on track
February 6th, 2016Clink, clank
February 7th, 2016Movie night II
February 8th, 2016Getting offline
May 13th, 2016Dusting things off
May 14th, 2016An unsteady walk
May 16th, 2016Restoration
May 17th, 2016Cleaning up the list
May 17th, 2016Moving forward by inches
May 18th, 2016Update everything
May 20th, 2016Football sub and other things
May 21st, 2016Of frogs and turtles
May 22nd, 2016Surprises while scouting
May 22nd, 2016Crafty crafting
May 24th, 2016Getting used to eating out of containers
May 25th, 2016Late night shopping
May 27th, 2016Words per block
May 27th, 2016Over already?
May 28th, 2016Not feeling up to it today
May 30th, 2016Preparing to restart
May 31st, 2016And I ate the whole thing
June 1st, 2016Jiggle the wire
June 3rd, 2016Long but productive day
June 4th, 2016Little of this, little of that
June 5th, 2016Revenge of the Fifth
June 8th, 2016Triple update
June 10th, 2016Final stop
June 10th, 2016Wordy Wordy Wordy
June 11th, 2016A very crappy day
June 13th, 2016Troubles on the western front
June 15th, 2016Slow improvements
June 16th, 2016One thing after another
June 18th, 2016When in doubt, eat
June 22nd, 2016Slow week
June 22nd, 2016A rather Charming day
June 24th, 2016The day I could not wake up
June 24th, 2016Getting back into the swing of things
June 25th, 2016Dealing with hurdles
June 26th, 2016Princess for a moment
July 4th, 2016Picking up the pieces
July 6th, 2016Alternate solutions
July 6th, 2016A grand day out
July 8th, 2016Mixed outcomes
July 8th, 2016In LIMBO
July 9th, 2016Updates away
July 11th, 2016No time to check the island
July 11th, 2016The final touches
July 14th, 2016Two sides of the coin
July 15th, 2016Trip through Wonderland
July 25th, 2016Catching up
July 28th, 2016Things not quite working
July 29th, 2016Continuing repairs
July 30th, 2016Back on the wagon
August 2nd, 2016Not the most productive
August 3rd, 2016Putting things together again
August 5th, 2016¡Buenas noches!
August 13th, 2016Catching up again
August 13th, 2016Short day
August 16th, 2016Moving things around
August 16th, 2016And the gears grind quickly
August 21st, 2016Taking the time to catch up
August 29th, 2016Brief update
September 3rd, 2016Been a busy week
September 4th, 2016Troubled night
September 7th, 2016Photos, projects, and blood
September 7th, 2016Little of this and that
September 9th, 2016The pen is mightier than the polearm
September 24th, 2016Another late entry
September 27th, 2016Bloody movies
December 7th, 2016Long overdue catch up
December 8th, 2016Didn't quite go as planned
December 10th, 2016Randomized plans
December 10th, 2016Preparing to transition
December 12th, 2016Lovely bunch of coconuts
December 12th, 2016Moving things around
December 13th, 2016A day of cards
December 14th, 2016Let the rookie win
December 15th, 2016All in the cards
December 16th, 2016When things slide...
December 18th, 2016One small snack for man
December 20th, 2016Massive shopping
December 22nd, 2016Rough patch
December 22nd, 2016Elf at work
December 24th, 2016And it goes live
December 31st, 2016Small catching up


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