Posts from 2015

January 1st, 2015Sleepy new year's
January 2nd, 2015Starting the new year with repairs
January 3rd, 2015The move begins
January 4th, 2015Downpour in January
January 5th, 2015Titanic failure
January 6th, 2015Therapy and moving
January 7th, 2015The move continues unabated
January 8th, 2015Shopping and shuffling
January 9th, 2015That's one way to clean a file system
January 12th, 2015Final week
January 13th, 2015Sitting wrong
January 14th, 2015Three routes to progress
January 15th, 2015Bloody carpets
January 16th, 2015Another day, another vet trip
January 17th, 2015High scoring shooter
January 18th, 2015Final preparations
January 19th, 2015Final update from here
February 3rd, 2015Slowly getting back to normal
February 4th, 2015Quick updates
February 5th, 2015Another shopping day
February 6th, 2015Part of the way there
February 7th, 2015Working hard or hardly working?
February 8th, 2015Worn through
February 9th, 2015A pretty Serious day
February 10th, 2015Starting the countdown
February 11th, 2015Putting everything back together
February 12th, 2015Crafting attempted again
February 13th, 2015Moody Thursday
February 14th, 2015To write and escape
February 15th, 2015Shopping and a hard time writing
February 16th, 2015Fly'n and Write'n
February 17th, 2015Errands and an early night
May 18th, 2015Time to brush off some dust
May 19th, 2015When updates go wrong
May 20th, 2015Three for one special
May 21st, 2015Quite a day of it
May 22nd, 2015First photoshoot of the year
May 23rd, 2015Writing and catching up
May 24th, 2015Plans and puzzling
May 25th, 2015All a bunch of Hocus Pocus
May 26th, 2015Tackling everything at once
May 27th, 2015Payback for yesterday
May 28th, 2015Shaking things up
May 29th, 2015Half sunk, a shattered visage lies
May 30th, 2015Not a day for thinking
May 31st, 2015Better day all around
June 1st, 2015Messing around and Minecraft
June 2nd, 2015Topsy-turvy day
June 2nd, 2015Going up and down
June 3rd, 2015Chaos before friends
June 4th, 2015Quieter day
June 5th, 2015Early visit, late poopie
June 7th, 2015Getting things squared away
June 7th, 2015Providing the way forward
June 9th, 2015A little of everything
June 9th, 2015Down for a day
June 10th, 2015Improvements
June 12th, 2015Friday burnout
June 13th, 2015Rough day
June 15th, 2015Cleaning up in style
June 15th, 2015Waiting around
June 17th, 2015A lot of thinking
June 17th, 2015Half the plan
June 18th, 2015Drawing, crafting, writing and cleaning
June 19th, 2015Quietly moving forward
June 20th, 2015Giant laser beams
June 22nd, 2015You shall not pass
June 22nd, 2015Playing catch up
June 23rd, 2015Hard at work or hardly working
June 24th, 2015Take out makes everything better
June 26th, 2015When things go wrong
June 27th, 2015Another confused day
June 28th, 2015Shopping between droplets
June 28th, 2015Return of the Witnesses
June 30th, 2015Updates and other things
July 1st, 2015Weather or not
July 2nd, 2015Twofer
July 4th, 2015Taking the time to stop and eat the flowers
July 4th, 2015Working on writing
July 5th, 2015Long study
July 6th, 2015Polishing pictures
July 8th, 2015Clicking away
July 8th, 2015Short and simple
July 10th, 2015A little of everything
July 10th, 2015A perfect day for Minecraft
July 11th, 2015Curled up with a book
July 13th, 2015Errands and study
July 14th, 2015A different way to spend the day
July 14th, 2015More of the same
July 16th, 2015Lots o' shopping
July 16th, 2015A type of snow people like to see
July 17th, 2015Multitasking
July 19th, 2015Bit of mining, bit of writing
July 20th, 2015Plans? What plans?
July 21st, 2015Afternoon on the couch
July 21st, 2015Slow day
July 22nd, 2015Shopping and crashing
July 25th, 2015Ups and Downs
July 26th, 2015Archangel Galadriel
July 28th, 2015Venting essentia
August 1st, 2015Making the best of it
August 1st, 2015Slowly moving on
August 2nd, 2015Bit of a disappointment
August 3rd, 2015Finally got it done
August 4th, 2015Code clean up
August 5th, 2015Continuing renovations
August 6th, 2015Very fast day
August 7th, 2015Sick and hurt
August 8th, 2015Block anniversary party
August 9th, 2015Wolfs among Witnesses
August 10th, 2015Disordered order
August 12th, 2015Hump day
August 14th, 2015Disillusionment begins
August 15th, 2015A different kind of project
August 15th, 2015Some days are like that
August 17th, 2015Better than expected
August 17th, 2015Stormy weather
August 19th, 2015Bit of everything
August 20th, 2015Edits and other fun
August 22nd, 2015Not sitting well
August 23rd, 2015Nearing the finish line
August 24th, 2015Hefting a four toned sword
August 24th, 2015A day of clicking
August 26th, 2015Four stores and seven ascensions ago
August 27th, 2015Getting back in order
August 30th, 2015A very late night
August 31st, 2015Tragic ending
August 31st, 2015Nearing the finish line
September 1st, 2015Two down, more to go
September 2nd, 2015Grilled weirdness
September 4th, 2015Thunder & Coding
September 5th, 2015Continuing on
September 5th, 2015Building things up
September 7th, 2015End of the sky
September 7th, 2015Must be a Monday
September 8th, 2015Slowing down a bit
September 10th, 2015Parts and pieces
September 11th, 2015Ups and downs
September 12th, 2015Errands and changes
September 12th, 2015Recode, recode, recode...
September 13th, 2015Built to Play
September 14th, 2015Put on my robe and wizard hat
September 15th, 2015Taking a hike
September 16th, 2015Release date
September 17th, 2015Poking around the market
September 18th, 2015Coming together
September 19th, 2015Chipping away at the stack
September 20th, 2015Encouragement for the future
September 22nd, 2015The list grows smaller
September 23rd, 2015Not everything works out
September 23rd, 2015Writing time
September 24th, 2015Code and commentary
September 26th, 2015Assembling the pieces
September 29th, 2015Hit and miss updates
September 30th, 2015Golly what a day
September 30th, 2015Transfers begin
October 1st, 201513 hours isn't enough
October 2nd, 2015Double updates
October 4th, 2015By your powers combined
October 5th, 2015Books and movies
October 5th, 2015Finishing Saturday's chores
October 7th, 2015Lot of effort for very little
October 7th, 2015Not as far as I wanted
October 8th, 2015Wake up call
October 9th, 2015Splitting the day in two
October 10th, 2015Preparations
October 12th, 2015Of tunneling and sloshing
October 12th, 2015Crazy day
October 13th, 2015Starts and stops
October 14th, 2015A rather Charming day
October 15th, 2015Things continue to go wrong
October 16th, 2015Even more troubles
October 17th, 2015And my butt smelled of flowers
October 18th, 2015Farming and reading
October 20th, 2015Nature, noms and more
October 20th, 2015The dog walk
October 22nd, 2015Blanking out
October 22nd, 2015A red lantern day
October 24th, 2015Revenge of the Party
October 30th, 2015Rough week
November 1st, 2015Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus
November 2nd, 2015Just a theory
November 3rd, 2015Many unexpected returns
November 4th, 2015More progress, more Donald
November 5th, 2015Different kinds of progress
November 6th, 2015Some days just can't be dealt with
November 6th, 2015Better in some ways
November 7th, 2015Unexpectedly changing gears
November 8th, 2015Prof. Crane on the Brain
November 9th, 2015Quickly putting things together
November 11th, 2015Talking to monsters about their problems
November 13th, 2015Regrouping
November 15th, 2015Bumpy road
November 16th, 2015Touch and go
November 17th, 2015Making decisions
November 18th, 2015Bilingual programming
November 19th, 2015Seeing the writing you've done fills you with determination
November 21st, 2015Stay determined
November 22nd, 2015Attempted Genocide
November 22nd, 20158-bit derping
November 24th, 2015Shopping, Subway and wrapping things up
November 25th, 2015It makes sense in context
November 26th, 2015Writing things out
November 28th, 2015A day without
November 28th, 2015Late Thanksgiving
November 29th, 2015Shuffling files
December 1st, 2015Cleaning virtual houses
December 3rd, 2015Dealing with things
December 6th, 2015Houses of horror
December 9th, 2015Digging ever deeper
December 18th, 2015The show must go on
December 18th, 2015Dealing with reviews
December 19th, 2015When in doubt, dig a hole
December 23rd, 2015 Updates and more
December 24th, 2015Pebble on a pond
December 28th, 2015Attempting to sink
December 29th, 2015Well, so much for being productive
December 30th, 2015This is not what was meant by "early to rise"


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