Posts from 2014

January 4th, 2014Implosion
January 5th, 2014Downtime
January 5th, 2014Clearing the way
January 6th, 2014After Christmas check up
January 7th, 2014Getting the pieces sorted out
January 8th, 2014Burning away
January 9th, 2014Leaving the comfort zone
January 11th, 2014Ragequit and Minecraft
January 11th, 2014Bit of an adventure
January 12th, 2014Thinking and remembering
January 14th, 2014Packed day
January 14th, 2014Another doctor visit a little shopping and some issues
January 16th, 2014At the wrong frequency
January 16th, 2014The longest update ever
January 17th, 2014Making changes
January 18th, 2014More code than expected
January 20th, 2014Round and round it goes
January 21st, 2014Well that was unexpected
January 22nd, 2014Catching up on the Drama
January 23rd, 2014Mining and drawing
January 24th, 2014Over enthusiasm during shopping
January 26th, 2014End of a rough week
January 27th, 2014Little of this and that
January 28th, 2014Big shopping and lots of crafting
January 29th, 2014Moving with purpose
January 29th, 2014Preparations
January 31st, 2014Making progress
January 31st, 2014Fussing about
February 2nd, 2014Finishing up the week
February 3rd, 2014A day with Igor
February 4th, 2014Rebuilding
February 5th, 2014Planning stages
February 7th, 2014Risk taking
February 7th, 2014Visiting Mrs. Kramden
February 9th, 2014Wrapping up the week
February 9th, 2014Board game of doom
February 11th, 2014Mixing things up
February 12th, 2014Problems and some pizza
February 13th, 2014Pulling farther ahead
February 14th, 2014Slowing down a little
February 15th, 2014Forging ahead once again
February 16th, 2014Coding along
February 17th, 2014Pleasant change of plans
February 17th, 2014Around about
February 19th, 2014Creaking forward
February 20th, 2014Drawing, planning and shooting
February 21st, 2014Twichy Thursday
February 21st, 2014Slowed down to normal
February 23rd, 2014Quiet, if long, day
February 24th, 2014Exploring mods and baking cookies
February 26th, 2014Double entry
February 26th, 2014Massive uphill battle
February 27th, 2014Weary, but ready
February 28th, 2014Breaking new ground
March 1st, 2014Errands and wrapping up things
March 2nd, 2014An unexpected sale and detour
March 3rd, 2014Psyched out
March 5th, 2014Grinding some gears
March 7th, 2014A bit of catch up
March 8th, 2014An unexpected morning
March 9th, 2014Burnt out
March 10th, 2014Experimenting
March 10th, 2014That went swimmingly
March 11th, 2014Poking at things
March 13th, 2014Okie Dokie Loki
March 14th, 2014Draw it
March 15th, 2014Grinding through code
March 15th, 2014Another day, another bit of work
March 16th, 2014Little of everything
March 17th, 2014Finally done
March 18th, 2014Satisfaction guaranteed
March 19th, 2014Reanimating the dead machine
March 21st, 2014Mining away
March 22nd, 2014Quiet time
March 22nd, 2014Better days have been had
March 24th, 2014Dem jewels
March 24th, 2014Paralysis by choice
March 26th, 2014Pulse-pounding day
March 26th, 2014Duckies!
March 27th, 2014High output for low energy
March 29th, 2014Long awaited transfer
March 29th, 2014Getting one's artist on
March 31st, 2014Chipping away at things
April 1st, 2014Klinking away
April 1st, 2014That time of year again
April 3rd, 2014Good news and some fussing around
April 3rd, 2014Out of mind
April 5th, 2014Late fix, drawing practice and preparation
April 6th, 2014Cranking out changes
April 7th, 2014Building roads
April 8th, 2014Shopping and exploring new code
April 8th, 2014A different kind of day
April 10th, 2014Putting PonAI together
April 11th, 2014Plans and pizza
April 12th, 2014Cleaning and thinking
April 13th, 2014Playing on
April 13th, 2014Quiet thinking
April 15th, 2014Putting things in motion
April 15th, 2014Sudden stop at the end
April 17th, 2014Crafting solutions
April 18th, 2014Drawn and ready
April 18th, 2014Lots of fuss for little gain
April 19th, 2014Wrecked day
April 21st, 2014Crappy night, simple day
April 22nd, 2014Groceries and mining once again
April 22nd, 2014Trial and error
April 24th, 2014Deep caverns and plans
April 25th, 2014Drama llama ding dong
April 26th, 2014Playing, planning and rewriting
April 26th, 2014Fast day
April 27th, 2014Starting out with a crash
April 28th, 2014Sudden burst of progress
April 29th, 2014A bit different than planned
April 30th, 2014Ultrafast day
May 2nd, 2014Birdseed and altering plans
May 2nd, 2014Ups and downs
May 3rd, 2014Rewriting the world
May 5th, 2014Healthy bit of digging
May 6th, 2014Shopping, Subway and still more tweaking
May 6th, 2014Writing and wandering
May 7th, 2014Mostly waiting
May 9th, 2014Simply not working
May 10th, 2014Just under the wire
May 10th, 2014Nothing ventured
May 11th, 2014A grand day out
May 12th, 2014Not how I expect today to end at all
May 14th, 2014That's not what's meant by
May 15th, 2014Motivation and Mt. Dew
May 16th, 2014Start of a needed break
June 3rd, 2014First entry after a long pause
June 4th, 2014Oh deer.
June 5th, 2014Shopping and sketching
June 6th, 2014Trotting along
June 7th, 2014I don't think I've written that much in ages
June 8th, 2014More writing
June 9th, 2014Legacy day
June 10th, 2014The long trail
June 10th, 2014Offset schedule
June 12th, 2014Spiritual legacy
June 13th, 2014Jaeger-meister
June 15th, 2014What a day
June 16th, 2014Cleaning up and clearing out
June 17th, 2014Walk around the park
June 18th, 2014A long walk in the park
June 19th, 2014Grocery day cometh
June 20th, 2014That's going to slow things down a bit
June 21st, 2014Decontamination
June 22nd, 2014Gears grind slowly
June 23rd, 2014My Little Failure
June 24th, 2014Early shopping, then Peggle
June 25th, 2014Bouncing between things
June 26th, 2014Drawn and pegged
June 28th, 2014Catching up in more ways than one
June 29th, 2014Coming to a stop
June 30th, 2014Bit of everything
July 1st, 2014Dr and Greens
July 2nd, 2014The photo trip that wasn't
July 3rd, 2014Swords and shopping
July 4th, 2014Teeth and tribulations
July 5th, 2014Ups and downs
July 6th, 2014Recoding and resupplying
July 7th, 2014Two in one
July 8th, 2014Off-kilter afternoon
July 9th, 2014Coding through the confusion
July 10th, 2014Cramming it all in
July 11th, 2014Double Dentist Day
July 12th, 2014Bees bees bees
July 13th, 2014Finally getting things updated
July 14th, 2014Royal Pain
July 15th, 2014Fastest shopping in the west
July 16th, 2014Pushing through
July 19th, 2014Mining again
July 20th, 2014Bird seed and building blocks
July 21st, 2014Bees and Blocks
July 22nd, 2014Working through
July 24th, 2014Being productive
July 25th, 2014Bouncing around
July 26th, 2014Overdrive
July 27th, 2014Time amidst the storm
July 28th, 2014Rainy Sunday
July 29th, 2014Movie Morning
July 30th, 2014Long day on a little sleep
July 31st, 2014Not a day to repeat
August 1st, 2014Trying new tricks
August 2nd, 2014A bit of this and that
August 3rd, 2014When Hell met Sally
August 4th, 2014Cleaning up Mars
August 5th, 2014That did not go well
August 6th, 2014Update complete
August 7th, 2014Of gems and updates
August 8th, 2014A very long wait
August 9th, 2014Rapid coding
August 10th, 2014And the mighty have fallen
August 11th, 2014Came out swinging
August 12th, 2014Slightly off before evening
August 13th, 2014The bigger they are...
August 14th, 2014Focused on things
August 15th, 2014Days should not begin this early
August 16th, 2014Rolling the rock uphill
August 17th, 2014Polishing the gems
August 18th, 2014Terraria and teachings
August 19th, 2014General gameplan
August 20th, 2014Fixing things up
August 21st, 2014Photos at the Park
August 22nd, 2014Bloody surprises
August 23rd, 2014Porting with uploads
August 25th, 2014Spiritual toxicity
August 26th, 2014Not quite how things were planned
August 27th, 2014Building it up
August 28th, 2014Things have been better
August 30th, 2014Overcoming and coding
August 31st, 2014A bit of progress and a bit of ploughing
September 1st, 2014Sabbath unrest
September 2nd, 2014Recovery
September 3rd, 2014Another scattered day
September 4th, 2014Grinding down
September 5th, 2014Breaking deadlines
September 6th, 2014Getting the move on
September 7th, 2014Visits, calls and more
September 8th, 2014Cookies and Clever
September 9th, 2014Still moving on
September 10th, 2014Tepid Tuesday
September 11th, 2014Answering the klaxon call
September 12th, 2014Small things
September 13th, 2014Wiped clean
September 14th, 2014Playing around with the new system
September 15th, 2014The whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth
September 16th, 2014Shopping and mining
September 17th, 2014Quiet time
September 18th, 2014Undisclosed surprises
September 20th, 2014A bit of mining and thinking
September 21st, 2014Testing and planning
September 23rd, 2014Meeting the new guy
September 24th, 2014Good reports and testing ideas
September 25th, 2014Sombrafied
September 26th, 2014Skyblock continued
September 27th, 2014Bit of writing, bit of mining
September 28th, 2014Brief update with some Testing
September 29th, 2014A little old-school
September 30th, 2014Early shopping, late mining
October 1st, 2014Something to grin about
October 2nd, 2014Looking everything over
October 4th, 2014Running on fumes
October 5th, 2014Scripting errors
October 6th, 2014Crea-ting a new world
October 7th, 2014Salad of the Dark
October 8th, 2014Snapping and Shopping
October 9th, 2014Cleaning up the bit bucket
October 10th, 2014Rainbows dahling
October 12th, 2014Preparations
October 19th, 2014A week with three new kittens
October 20th, 2014What a night
October 21st, 2014Not according to plan
October 22nd, 2014Trips and more
October 29th, 2014Bit of a recap
October 30th, 2014Slowly moving
October 31st, 2014Deep in the Clockworks
November 1st, 2014Challenge accepted
November 2nd, 2014A bit on the busy side
November 3rd, 2014Tunneling through new worlds
November 4th, 2014Vet Emergency
November 5th, 2014Sometimes the simple isn't
November 7th, 2014Returned
November 8th, 2014Finally an update
November 9th, 2014A day of natural 1s
November 10th, 2014A day in bed
November 14th, 2014Recaps and the road ahead
November 15th, 2014Talking it out
November 16th, 2014More of the same
November 17th, 2014A new way to terrify cats
November 18th, 2014More code Monday
November 19th, 2014Slow day
November 20th, 2014Nothing like the feel of a clean install
November 21st, 2014Rebuilding Phase 1
November 22nd, 2014Rebuilding Phase 2
November 23rd, 2014Minor tweaks and taking inventory
November 29th, 2014Week full of progress and kittens
November 30th, 2014Stocking up on specials
December 1st, 2014Somehow Thanksgiving happened
December 2nd, 2014Useless drafts
December 4th, 2014Assembling
December 5th, 2014Pixel perfect
December 6th, 2014Cat-astrophe
December 7th, 2014Putting things in order
December 8th, 2014Unexpected headaches
December 9th, 2014Visiting hour
December 10th, 2014Leveling a mountian
December 11th, 2014Re-engineering of the day
December 12th, 2014Better days have been had
December 13th, 2014Odds, ends and a large empty area
December 15th, 2014Puzzling weekend
December 16th, 2014Behind the scenes
December 17th, 2014Good news, bad news
December 19th, 2014Crashing issues
December 20th, 2014Lots to be doing
December 21st, 2014Errands and a Wedding
December 23rd, 2014Revenge of the Meatballs
December 24th, 2014Shots and mining
December 25th, 2014Biggest shopping evar
December 26th, 2014Another for the waste bin
December 27th, 2014A little Lua
December 28th, 2014Making up for lost time
December 29th, 2014The grand tour
December 30th, 2014The Betty Report
December 31st, 2014Putting things to verse


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