Posts from 2013

January 14th, 2013Reconnecting
January 15th, 2013Fast groceries and other updates
January 15th, 2013Calling it an early night
January 17th, 2013Expected results
January 17th, 2013Not quite as planned
January 19th, 2013Wild and Crazy grocery trip
January 19th, 2013Making them grind slowly
January 20th, 2013Four kinds of plots
January 21st, 2013Part I complete
January 23rd, 2013Nostalgic disappointment and thoughts
January 24th, 2013Interesting day
January 24th, 2013Flurry of fixes
January 26th, 2013A little of everything
January 26th, 2013More thinking than doing
January 28th, 2013Simple ideas without simple answers
January 29th, 2013Getting back in order
January 30th, 2013The longest shopping ever
January 31st, 2013All things must pass
February 1st, 2013Slow but steady progress
February 2nd, 2013Starting to get burned out
February 3rd, 2013Tasks done for now
February 4th, 2013Nuclear revolution
February 5th, 2013Visit and cool down
February 6th, 2013Very slow progress
February 6th, 2013Humming along
February 8th, 2013Lots of surprises today
February 10th, 2013Backing up a bit
February 10th, 2013Reading and thinking
February 12th, 2013Shopping and a Movie
February 13th, 2013Forging ahead one way or another
February 14th, 2013Movie with a Pizza
February 14th, 2013Fallout
February 15th, 2013Choices and changes
February 17th, 2013Quiet little day
February 18th, 2013The plow cometh
February 19th, 2013Coding and mowing
February 19th, 2013Planning failure
February 21st, 2013Few bits short of a byte
February 22nd, 2013Fear the Unicorn
February 23rd, 2013Churning out results
February 23rd, 2013Lots of neat things happened today
February 24th, 2013Feeling a bit retro
February 26th, 2013The day that was spent shopping
February 27th, 2013I love it when plans come together
February 28th, 2013Making a general mess of things
March 1st, 2013War is on
March 1st, 2013Revisiting the shrink
March 2nd, 2013Healthy eating
March 4th, 2013Tractoriffic
March 5th, 2013Lots of thinking
March 6th, 2013Back up and sorting out
March 7th, 2013Another day older
March 7th, 2013Does this count as progress?
March 8th, 2013Starting up
March 10th, 2013Finishing up the week
March 11th, 2013Screws going tight
March 12th, 2013Groceries and griefing
March 12th, 2013Patches and pouting
March 13th, 2013Warped and Weary
March 15th, 2013Bits and pieces
March 16th, 2013Updating things
March 17th, 2013Quiet day despite the problems
March 18th, 2013Crafting away
March 19th, 2013New twist for productivity
March 20th, 2013Quick update and not much more
March 21st, 2013Churning out more stuff
March 21st, 2013Burn out accomplished
March 22nd, 2013Burnout continues
March 24th, 2013New project launch
March 25th, 2013Crops in the quiet
March 26th, 2013Shopping and stopping
March 26th, 2013Fun at the lab
March 27th, 2013Wanted: Energy and motivation
March 29th, 2013Solutions on little webbed feet
March 30th, 2013Farming, Crafting and more
March 30th, 2013Wrapping up the week
March 31st, 2013Let there be Linux
April 1st, 2013Coding and configuring
April 3rd, 2013Getting things in order
April 4th, 2013Finally a cut
April 5th, 2013Moving along
April 5th, 2013Updates and extremely angry undead bacon
April 7th, 2013Power mining
April 8th, 2013Farming and lava issues
April 9th, 2013Mental mining
April 10th, 2013Checks and balances
April 10th, 2013Things that go boom
April 12th, 2013Updates, plans and plots
April 13th, 2013Doctor, Movie and more
April 15th, 2013Reading on the farm
April 15th, 2013Not an average day
April 17th, 2013Moving on
April 17th, 2013A little diversion
April 19th, 2013Careful shopping
April 20th, 2013Updates and new tactics
April 21st, 2013References
April 22nd, 2013Otherside of the mirror
April 23rd, 2013Doctor and a plan
April 24th, 2013Well that was a bust
April 24th, 2013Grinding away
April 25th, 2013Big time shopping
April 26th, 2013Doubling back
April 28th, 2013Editing away
April 28th, 2013Crashing through the day
April 30th, 2013Pushing things through
May 1st, 2013Not exactly as planned
May 3rd, 2013Ponying up
May 3rd, 2013Start and stop
May 5th, 2013Well that went nowhere
May 6th, 2013Four journeys in a day
May 7th, 2013Light on groceries
May 8th, 2013Freshly Squeezed
May 8th, 2013Picking up the pieces
May 10th, 2013Undoing a few mistakes
May 11th, 2013Unplanned day off
May 12th, 2013Errand and Emo
May 12th, 2013A bit scrambled
May 13th, 2013Puppets and some shopping
May 14th, 2013Of blood and puppets
May 16th, 2013Trying anyway
May 17th, 2013Finally an update
May 18th, 2013Not a block was crafted that day
May 19th, 2013Burnt out
May 19th, 2013Cascading failure mixed in
May 20th, 2013Busy day all around
May 22nd, 2013Groceries and scripting
May 22nd, 2013A rather ducky day
May 23rd, 2013Sprites and pearls
May 25th, 2013Busy little day
May 27th, 2013Catch up, classics and cleaning
May 29th, 2013Brown and Burnt out
May 30th, 2013Playing with tricks
May 31st, 2013Slow moving
May 31st, 2013Early day, early retire
June 2nd, 2013Revving back up
June 3rd, 2013A day in Neopia
June 4th, 2013Shopping and some slacking
June 5th, 2013Brooding and Brother
June 6th, 2013Thinking about things
June 7th, 2013Thinking, searching, and more thinking
June 8th, 2013Doctor and a little extra
June 9th, 2013Starting slow
June 10th, 2013Mice in the sky with diamonds
June 11th, 2013A fight to the finish
June 12th, 2013Struggling along
June 13th, 2013Gathering many things
June 14th, 2013Well, that was awkward
June 15th, 2013Dentist finally
June 16th, 2013A grand day out
June 17th, 2013Ponies and pummeling
June 18th, 2013A little shopping, a little recoding
June 19th, 2013Angry AIs and more
June 20th, 2013Photos at the show
June 21st, 2013Crafty
June 22nd, 2013Late shopping with a side of Minecraft
June 23rd, 2013Reworking and redrawing
June 25th, 2013Catching up
June 26th, 2013Laying tracks
June 27th, 2013Redesigning the network and more
June 27th, 2013Not enough to go on
June 29th, 2013Photos and ponies
June 30th, 2013Editing in earnest
July 1st, 2013Lots of thinking with cards
July 2nd, 2013Shopping and a movie
July 3rd, 2013Mining, planning and pixels
July 4th, 2013Mapping out
July 6th, 2013Odd two days
July 7th, 2013A visit from family
July 9th, 2013Crashing down
July 10th, 2013Code, caverns and claims
July 11th, 2013Fun weather
July 11th, 2013Research and planning
July 12th, 2013Shuffling through
July 14th, 2013Last of the energy
July 14th, 2013Slowing down a little
July 19th, 2013
July 20th, 2013Longest update completed
July 21st, 2013Scattered thoughts
July 22nd, 2013Just a little GLaD
July 23rd, 2013Well that went different than expected
July 24th, 2013Updates and alterations
July 25th, 2013Coding and crafting
July 26th, 2013Of oil, photos and scripts
July 27th, 2013Sputtering about
July 28th, 2013Updating and building
July 29th, 2013Squares, trinkets and reading
July 29th, 2013What a day
July 31st, 2013Simple tweak turns into complete overhual
August 1st, 2013Interlude
August 2nd, 2013Slow moving
August 3rd, 2013This, that, and more
August 4th, 2013Out of steam
August 5th, 2013Geese, greese and gems
August 6th, 2013Fast-tracking a few things
August 7th, 2013Getting yesterday's work done
August 8th, 2013Writing and crafting
August 8th, 2013Bad hair day
August 10th, 2013Down or out
August 13th, 2013Some improvements
August 14th, 2013Errands and errors
August 15th, 2013Formatting
August 15th, 2013Preparing and stalling
August 16th, 2013Not truely awake
August 17th, 2013Birds, brats and cave bats
August 19th, 2013More computer time than originally planned
August 20th, 2013Down for glasses
August 21st, 2013As and Bees
August 22nd, 2013Genetic research
August 22nd, 2013Less Minecraft, more writing
August 23rd, 2013PonAI, writing, and worlds
August 25th, 2013A little on the wayside
August 25th, 2013Relaunch and lots of quiet time
August 27th, 2013Shopping and sorting
August 28th, 2013Does this count?
August 28th, 2013Edits and seed
August 30th, 2013Boiling frog syndrome
August 31st, 2013Unplanned subs and updates
September 1st, 2013Always preparing
September 2nd, 2013Things that make you go NOPE NOPE NOPE
September 3rd, 2013Writing, Mining and more
September 5th, 2013Thinking and visits
September 5th, 2013Rough day
September 7th, 2013Scribble, scramble
September 7th, 2013Writing and thinking
September 9th, 2013Saving two worlds
September 9th, 2013Taking stock
September 10th, 2013Corny failure
September 11th, 2013Perspective
September 13th, 2013Signing off
September 15th, 2013Birds, ponies and updates
September 16th, 2013Breakout with spaceships
September 17th, 2013Putting it all together
September 17th, 2013Slowing down
September 18th, 2013Not much steam left
September 19th, 2013Making things work
September 21st, 2013Slowly progressing
September 22nd, 2013Pushing ahead
September 22nd, 2013Putting up a wall
September 24th, 2013Psyche'd
September 25th, 2013Errands and extremes
September 26th, 2013Bit of writing and lots of squid hunting
September 27th, 2013Two trips but still productive
September 28th, 2013Very quiet day
September 29th, 2013Drawing and crafting
September 29th, 2013Watching and reading
October 1st, 2013Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
October 2nd, 2013Burned day
October 3rd, 2013Wheels keep turning
October 4th, 2013Movie and more
October 5th, 2013Not so much pressure
October 6th, 2013Ore, cards and words
October 8th, 2013Grocery day and other things
October 8th, 2013Slow but steady
October 9th, 2013Another day, another early night
October 11th, 2013Putting down the words and building bridges
October 12th, 2013Errands, drawing, writing and a bit of magic
October 13th, 2013Easy day -- mostly
October 14th, 2013Logging for two
October 15th, 2013Manipulating and mining
October 16th, 2013Waste of a day
October 18th, 2013Making it work
October 19th, 2013Dew & Don'ts
October 20th, 2013Editing and modding
October 20th, 2013Two alarm reading
October 21st, 2013Change of plans
October 23rd, 2013Groceries with a side of extra work
October 24th, 2013Old school movie night
October 25th, 2013That could have gone better
October 25th, 2013Comic and catch up
October 27th, 2013Tanks for the memories
October 27th, 2013Genre error and lots of slashing
October 29th, 2013Time for a Nightmare
October 29th, 2013Getting things moving
October 31st, 2013Slow but steady
October 31st, 2013Bleary eyed movie night
November 1st, 2013What a bore.
November 3rd, 2013What a crappy way to end the day
November 3rd, 2013Quietly wandering around
November 5th, 2013World building
November 6th, 2013Late night groceries
November 7th, 2013Minecrafting away
November 7th, 2013And so the curtain falls
November 9th, 2013Drawing, writing and thinking
November 9th, 2013Writing with crashes
November 11th, 2013A true legacy
November 12th, 2013Chipping away at the list
November 12th, 2013Coding with ponies
November 13th, 2013Thinking, coding and a late night shopping
November 14th, 2013Think think think
November 15th, 2013Things a-moving
November 17th, 2013Resuming Minecraft
November 18th, 2013Wake up call
November 19th, 2013Rocky start of the week
November 21st, 2013A Thanksgiving movie night
November 22nd, 2013Busy afternoon
November 23rd, 2013Shopping, thoughts and tinkering
November 24th, 2013The hunt for metal
November 25th, 2013Reading down on the farm
November 26th, 2013A little of this and that
November 26th, 2013My head is full of fluff
November 27th, 2013Second day of it
November 28th, 2013Coding away and more
November 29th, 2013Black Turkey Day
December 1st, 2013Wrapping up the writing
December 2nd, 2013Letters from below
December 3rd, 2013Plans are made to be altered
December 4th, 2013Sudden inspiration
December 5th, 2013Late shopping, continued coding
December 5th, 2013Birds and Blood
December 7th, 2013Everything moves along
December 8th, 2013Wrapping up the week
December 8th, 2013Revenge of the Salad Bowl
December 10th, 2013And the curtain falls
December 10th, 2013Backing up on the farm
December 11th, 2013Breaking partitions and coming together
December 13th, 2013Muppets, projects, and fragging
December 13th, 2013Doom to code
December 15th, 2013What an eyesore
December 16th, 2013Glitched out
December 17th, 2013Of reports and little else
December 18th, 2013Back to normal
December 20th, 2013All clear
December 20th, 2013Little pixel ponies and petpetpets
December 21st, 2013Progress with some kinks
December 23rd, 2013Watching and drawing
December 24th, 2013Catching up after the movie
December 24th, 2013Nightlights before Christmas
December 26th, 2013Crafty holiday
December 27th, 2013Full day
December 27th, 2013Script change and burnout
December 29th, 2013Christmas Chainsaw Fun
December 29th, 2013Farm this, decapitate that
December 31st, 2013Catching up after groceries
December 31st, 2013End of the year


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