Posts from 2012

January 1st, 2012First post during the new year
January 2nd, 2012Cleaning up
January 3rd, 2012Rethinking
January 4th, 2012Things are moving again
January 5th, 2012Building things up
January 6th, 2012Late shopping and more pony
January 6th, 2012Tablet time
January 8th, 2012Aches and other issues
January 9th, 2012Rebound
January 10th, 2012Finally done
January 10th, 2012Better days have been had
January 11th, 2012Things afoot
January 13th, 2012Writing with RuneScape
January 13th, 2012Friday the 13th
January 14th, 2012Busy as a babysitter
January 16th, 2012Pieces and parts
January 16th, 2012Adventures in website design
January 20th, 2012Catching up
January 21st, 2012Edits continue
January 21st, 2012Running on empty
January 23rd, 2012R and R
January 24th, 2012Objects at rest
January 24th, 2012Clean bill followed by binge
January 25th, 2012Holy crap, we have company
January 26th, 2012Thinking and rethinking
January 28th, 2012Gears start turning again
January 29th, 2012Objects in motion
January 30th, 2012Looking things over
January 31st, 2012And now the news
February 1st, 2012Here's an icon I never expected to use again
February 1st, 2012Wrecked
February 3rd, 2012Wheels a turnin'
February 4th, 2012Let's a-go
February 5th, 2012Stepping back and looking twice
February 6th, 2012Tweak, draw and write
February 7th, 2012Ponies and a pizza
February 7th, 2012Nursery but no pony
February 9th, 2012Snorefest
February 9th, 2012Not really up to par
February 11th, 2012Slump continues
February 12th, 2012Back on track (more or less)
February 13th, 2012Well, that was a fight
February 14th, 2012Visiting hours are over
February 15th, 2012Pizza movie night
February 16th, 2012Groceries and more
February 17th, 2012Ask not for whom the ban falls...
February 18th, 2012Reworking things
February 19th, 2012Work continues
February 20th, 2012Beyond the Code
February 21st, 2012More writing, less gaming
February 21st, 2012The good, the bad and the questionable
February 23rd, 2012Ponies arrive
February 23rd, 2012Utter lack of energy
February 25th, 2012My Little Shitstorm
February 26th, 2012Derpygate continues
February 27th, 2012Time to hit the hay
February 28th, 2012Death and taxes
February 29th, 2012Lots of thinking, not much doing
February 29th, 2012Rumbling and rolling
March 2nd, 2012Pony up
March 3rd, 2012Thunder and things
March 4th, 2012Smooth as sandpaper
March 5th, 2012Under the hood and over the skags
March 5th, 2012Day marches on
March 6th, 2012Potshots without progress
March 8th, 2012Food for thoughts, birds and men
March 9th, 2012Slowed down
March 10th, 2012The day that was spent doing nothing
March 11th, 2012Rusty wheels slowly turn
March 12th, 2012Late start but a long day
March 13th, 2012Groceries and getting back to work
March 14th, 2012Tripping over code and other things
March 15th, 2012Nice job breaking it, hero
March 19th, 2012Whirlwind weekend
March 20th, 2012Trial by order
March 21st, 2012Coding continues unabated
March 22nd, 2012Playing catchup with webdesign
March 23rd, 2012I've never had so much trouble spending money
March 24th, 2012All around busy
March 25th, 2012Something ventured, something gained
March 26th, 2012Who is the patient again?
March 28th, 2012Fastest shopping ever
March 29th, 2012Final bits and pieces
March 30th, 2012Doctoring docs
March 31st, 2012Coder of the castle
April 1st, 2012The day is a long one
April 1st, 2012Busy for a day without working
April 2nd, 2012Bumbling along
April 3rd, 2012Work resumes
April 5th, 2012Time to make new content
April 5th, 2012Target acquired
April 7th, 2012Drained
April 9th, 2012What a weekend
April 9th, 2012Writing resumes
April 11th, 2012King for a day
April 11th, 2012Moving slowly along
April 13th, 2012Tweaking things
April 14th, 2012End of another era
April 15th, 2012Clunky progress
April 16th, 2012Disappointments and drawing
April 17th, 2012Moving swiftly
April 17th, 2012Blarg.
April 18th, 2012Stability is overrated
April 20th, 2012Cleaning up from yesterday
April 20th, 2012Slow improvements
April 22nd, 2012Putting things up
April 23rd, 2012Pony, puzzles and pwning
April 24th, 2012Strange day
April 25th, 2012Groceries and greasy goodness
April 25th, 2012The day nothing happened
April 27th, 2012Motivation at a new low
April 28th, 2012Lots of shopping, ponies and dungeon runs
April 29th, 2012Tweaking things
April 29th, 2012Day for thinking
April 30th, 2012Hijacked day
May 2nd, 2012Second day of it
May 3rd, 2012Bleh
May 4th, 2012Writing on the dew
May 5th, 2012Rumbling along
May 6th, 2012Moving along briefly
May 7th, 2012Thank you Mario, but your spleen is in another castle!
May 8th, 2012Rolling overhead
May 8th, 2012Writing away the day
May 10th, 2012Hunting, gathering, gaming
May 11th, 2012Planning ahead
May 12th, 2012Groceries and a groaner
May 13th, 2012Mother's Meal
May 14th, 2012Nothing much at all
May 15th, 2012Many things afoot
May 16th, 2012Good morning, bad night
May 17th, 2012Planning along
May 18th, 2012Something simple, not so much
May 19th, 2012Celebrating and writing
May 20th, 2012Writing and testing
May 21st, 2012Slums and skeletons
May 22nd, 2012Treatments, towers and turds
May 23rd, 2012Flowers, birds and the undead
May 24th, 2012A day without DFO
May 25th, 2012Ponies and other things
May 26th, 2012A change of pace
May 29th, 2012First day back online
May 29th, 2012Post-holiday hangover
May 30th, 2012Puttering out
June 1st, 2012Planning ahead and blazing new trails
June 2nd, 2012V for Voxel
June 3rd, 2012End of another day
June 4th, 2012Gaming around
June 4th, 2012Groceries and other things
June 6th, 2012Yin and Yang
June 7th, 2012Celebrating Two Years
June 8th, 2012Much done and moving on
June 9th, 2012Haircut, hawks and handsome winnings
June 10th, 2012Fried chicken and a fast day of it
June 11th, 2012New Lawn Chair
June 11th, 2012Cars and code
June 13th, 2012Poneh
June 13th, 2012Post update woes
June 14th, 2012It was bound to happen sooner or later
June 16th, 2012Correcting and cleaning
June 17th, 2012Transliterating stuff
June 18th, 2012Bit of a rumble
June 18th, 2012Doc Troubles
June 20th, 2012The Proper way to Diet
June 21st, 2012Stability issues and Ponies
June 22nd, 2012Stay home and do many things
June 23rd, 2012Multitasking
June 24th, 2012Ding! Car's done
June 25th, 2012Blustering about the castle
June 26th, 2012Documenting and Dinobot...
June 27th, 2012Errata, errands and energon
June 28th, 2012Moving on
June 29th, 2012Lost in thought
June 30th, 2012Everything and the kitchen sink
July 1st, 2012Super discovery
July 2nd, 2012Thunder at the Castle
July 3rd, 2012Ze big shoppink
July 4th, 2012Lots of boomies
July 5th, 2012Big boomies for the Fourth
July 6th, 2012Full speed ahead
July 7th, 2012Code and Castleville
July 8th, 2012Celebrating
July 9th, 2012Killing time
July 9th, 2012Visit to the vampires
July 11th, 2012Moving along slowly
July 12th, 2012Rewriting on a rushed day
July 12th, 2012Wearing down
July 14th, 2012Documenting things more
July 14th, 2012Leaving things for another day
July 16th, 2012Reading away
July 16th, 2012Good news for once
July 18th, 2012Shoppin' in the morning, eatin' in the evening
July 18th, 2012Another day ends early
July 20th, 2012Low level problems
July 21st, 2012Seed and planning
July 22nd, 2012Doubling down
July 23rd, 2012Movie day
July 24th, 2012Task completed
July 25th, 2012Thinking and plotting
July 26th, 2012Less thinking, more doing
July 27th, 2012Moving right along
July 28th, 2012Spare day
July 28th, 2012Finishing up the preparations
July 30th, 2012Artsy Sunday
July 31st, 2012Now what?
August 1st, 2012Working around kinks
August 2nd, 2012Shopping day
August 3rd, 2012Idling
August 4th, 2012Prodding things
August 4th, 2012Time catches up
August 6th, 2012Watching the sun come down
August 7th, 2012The wheels of progress turn slowly
August 8th, 2012Rewriting and redrawing
August 9th, 2012Yet more work done
August 10th, 2012Still more redrawing
August 11th, 2012Notes, code and insights
August 11th, 2012Shopping for Ponies
August 13th, 2012Humdrum horror
August 14th, 2012Phase two begins
August 14th, 2012Rewrite central
August 15th, 2012Gears of progress turn slowly
August 17th, 2012Finishing the month and poking at things
August 17th, 2012Writing and modeling
August 19th, 2012Lots of rearranging
August 20th, 2012Movies and the Messiah
August 21st, 2012Wrapping up and working out problems
August 22nd, 2012In with the new
August 23rd, 2012Hit outta the blue
August 24th, 2012Impasse
August 25th, 2012There's a pony for that
August 25th, 2012Things you learn
August 26th, 2012Rude awakening
August 27th, 2012Day of confusion
August 28th, 2012Revision and renovations
August 30th, 2012Smoother ride
August 31st, 2012Finishing the incomplete
September 2nd, 2012A day with Spiderman
September 2nd, 2012What a day
September 3rd, 2012Recapping two days
September 5th, 2012Heavy thinking
September 6th, 2012Burger night
September 7th, 2012Wheels of progress grind slowly
September 8th, 2012Weather or not
September 9th, 2012Day of the Klutz
September 9th, 2012Birdseed and games
September 11th, 2012Gathering day
September 12th, 2012Thinking about the future
September 13th, 2012Getting things started
September 14th, 2012Another bloody day
September 14th, 2012Shine but no rise
September 16th, 2012Slaving away in the mine
September 17th, 2012Ponycraft
September 18th, 2012Plans altered
September 19th, 2012A man's home is his castle
September 20th, 2012Parsing tongues
September 21st, 2012Getting organized
September 22nd, 2012Changes
September 23rd, 2012Batteries needing recharged
September 23rd, 2012Quiet if scrambled day
September 24th, 2012The fun continues
September 26th, 2012Getting ready to shutdown
September 30th, 2012End of no bandwidth land
October 3rd, 2012Making up for lost time
October 5th, 2012Picture Perfect Pony
October 5th, 2012Busy day
October 7th, 2012Cleaning up loose ends
October 8th, 2012Mining away
October 8th, 2012Big shopping with a side of burnt out
October 9th, 2012Dragging along
October 11th, 2012Sorting things out
October 12th, 2012A little fixing and writing
October 13th, 2012Planning and plotting
October 14th, 2012Marathon of code
October 15th, 2012Hidden treasures
October 15th, 2012Weary day
October 16th, 2012Unexpected results
October 17th, 2012Exercise is bad for you
October 18th, 2012Shipping and sickness
October 19th, 2012Getting back to normal
October 20th, 2012Changing over
October 22nd, 2012Completely Mental
October 22nd, 2012Thinking, planning
October 24th, 2012Birds, pizza and code
October 25th, 2012Lots of things in progress
October 25th, 2012Thinking of other worlds
October 27th, 2012Screaming in my head
October 28th, 2012Finally done with the week
October 29th, 2012Of castles, mines and other things
October 31st, 2012Pony and more
October 31st, 2012Moving slow
November 1st, 2012Welcoming November
November 2nd, 2012Creaking along
November 4th, 2012Plans afoot
November 5th, 2012Of fae and cards
November 6th, 2012Ze big shopping
November 7th, 2012My country, my website
November 7th, 2012Situation abnormal
November 8th, 2012Slight improvement
November 10th, 2012Pizza and PonAI
November 11th, 2012Serious Saturday
November 11th, 2012Ready for the Third Encounter
November 12th, 2012Planning and playing
November 13th, 2012Clipped
November 14th, 2012Events unfold
November 15th, 2012Fussing about
November 16th, 2012Continuing along
November 17th, 2012The day moves on
November 19th, 2012A little too Serious
November 19th, 2012Early visit, early bedtime
November 20th, 2012An unexpected detour
November 21st, 2012Thanksgiving eve
November 22nd, 2012Thanksgiving
November 24th, 2012Clean up
November 24th, 2012Visit with ginger
November 26th, 2012Dead Space: Hamper edition
November 27th, 2012Quick shopping and lots of fuss later
November 29th, 2012Quick recap
December 1st, 2012Tumbling on
December 1st, 2012End of another week
December 4th, 2012Time to unplug


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