Posts from 2011

January 1st, 2011And now the news
January 1st, 2011Well that was fun
January 3rd, 2011Just when you think things are going smoothly
January 3rd, 2011VVVVVV
January 4th, 2011V
January 5th, 2011All coming together
January 6th, 2011Pov's day at the spa
January 7th, 2011Another project completed
January 9th, 2011Death of a project
January 10th, 2011Wrapping things up
January 10th, 2011Quick if late errands
January 11th, 2011Stay frosty
January 13th, 2011Losta thinking
January 13th, 2011Take number two
January 14th, 2011It took all day for THAT?
January 16th, 2011Reflections arrives on the scene
January 17th, 2011Largely a day off
January 19th, 2011The daily stubble
January 21st, 2011Looking things over
January 22nd, 2011The search for the perfect editor
January 22nd, 2011Day derailed
January 24th, 2011Cold but calm
January 24th, 2011Building up to tear down
January 25th, 2011Bad night, iffy day
January 26th, 2011Wacked out day
January 27th, 2011Creaky, busy day
January 28th, 2011A little bit here and there
January 29th, 2011Indecision junction
January 30th, 2011Murphy's field day
January 31st, 2011Coasting along
February 1st, 2011Roadblocks and rough seas
February 2nd, 2011Lots of thinking and doing
February 3rd, 2011Busy, busy day
February 4th, 2011Another quiet Friday night
February 5th, 2011Better days, I've had 'em
February 6th, 2011Lots of crap
February 7th, 2011Dammit Bill!
February 8th, 2011Subway: Eat Fresh Zombie: Eat Flesh!
February 9th, 2011Doctor visit
February 10th, 2011Putting the parts together
February 11th, 2011Fighting fog for Friday
February 13th, 2011We'll get this figured out
February 14th, 2011chkdsk sanity: /r
February 14th, 2011V-Day special
February 16th, 2011Creative break
February 16th, 2011Plans go awry
February 18th, 2011Day down the drain
February 18th, 2011Round in circles
February 20th, 2011The only win was in a dream
February 21st, 2011Progress
February 21st, 2011Buffering...
February 23rd, 2011Speeding along
February 24th, 2011Coming together slowly
February 24th, 2011Clearing decks
February 26th, 2011Return to DFO
February 26th, 2011Fatigue points
February 27th, 2011Gonna blow
February 28th, 2011Lots of banging around
March 1st, 2011Hijacked day
March 2nd, 2011Fastest buck in Arad
March 3rd, 2011Busy busy day
March 4th, 2011Drawing and daring do
March 6th, 2011Clean up needed in GBL library...
March 7th, 2011Odd day
March 7th, 2011Time marcheth on
March 9th, 2011Packing things up
March 10th, 2011Incredibly early day and a recap
March 12th, 2011Been a day of it
March 13th, 2011What bloody fun
March 14th, 2011Unusual day
March 14th, 2011Lots of fiddling around
March 15th, 2011Major change of plans
March 16th, 2011Exhausting day
March 17th, 2011Easier day
March 18th, 2011Groceries
March 19th, 2011Monkey wrenches and pasta
March 20th, 2011Urk
March 21st, 2011How to imitate a bull in a china shop
March 22nd, 2011Symbols update
March 22nd, 2011Getting things in order
March 23rd, 2011Much to do, less time to do it in
March 24th, 2011Slow going
March 25th, 2011Grocery run and graphics testing
March 26th, 2011Gah
March 27th, 2011Things coming together
March 28th, 2011Lighting the way
March 29th, 2011Fresh ideas and an upward battle
March 30th, 2011Holding pattern
March 31st, 2011Galloping groceries
April 1st, 2011Stop and go
April 2nd, 2011Stalled
April 3rd, 2011Another day, another bit of time wasted
April 4th, 2011When you can't compute, cook
April 5th, 2011More drawing
April 6th, 2011My Little Meatballs
April 7th, 2011Unexpected burst of progress
April 8th, 2011Sleepy day
April 9th, 2011Sink fixed, scripts not so much
April 10th, 2011Last minute solutions
April 11th, 2011Disappointments and reparations
April 12th, 2011The long shopping
April 13th, 2011Code and comedy
April 14th, 2011Late start, early end
April 15th, 2011Another day another snippet of code
April 16th, 2011Kugels and cuts
April 17th, 2011Kugels with code
April 18th, 2011Quiet day
April 19th, 2011Weather or not
April 20th, 2011My Little Uni
April 21st, 2011Checkup and checking out
April 22nd, 2011More code, more image work, more Neopets
April 23rd, 2011New website version is live!
April 23rd, 2011Errands and bug reports
April 24th, 2011What the beep?
April 25th, 2011Fastest appointment ever
April 26th, 2011Things did not go as expected
April 27th, 2011Cleaning
April 28th, 2011Poking away
April 29th, 2011An era comes to a close
April 30th, 2011Been a day of it
May 1st, 2011To dream of projects
May 1st, 2011Putting things away
May 3rd, 2011Shrinky dink day
May 4th, 2011Mix of good and bad
May 5th, 2011Portal and Pharmacy trip
May 6th, 2011Thought of the day
May 7th, 2011Reading, watching, thinking
May 8th, 2011Slow, quiet day
May 8th, 2011Rome wasn't built in a day
May 9th, 2011More of the same with baking
May 11th, 2011Extremely fast shopping day
May 12th, 2011Junk food, flowers and resuming projects
May 13th, 2011Moving slowly
May 14th, 2011Discoveries and thunder
May 15th, 2011My Little Sweatshop
May 16th, 2011Knot that big of a deal
May 17th, 2011Whee
May 17th, 2011Birthday dinner
May 18th, 2011Dreary day
May 19th, 2011Burnt out
May 21st, 2011Just keep swimming...
May 22nd, 2011The day the world ended
May 23rd, 2011Coding without duct tape
May 24th, 2011Shopping in a storm
May 25th, 2011Quite a busy day
May 26th, 2011Blustry day
May 27th, 2011Putt putt, it looks like the forecast was wrong
May 28th, 2011On the fritz
May 29th, 2011Doomy doom doom
May 30th, 2011Space marines and plans
May 30th, 2011Things continue moving along
June 1st, 2011Clean slate
June 2nd, 2011I've been better
June 4th, 2011Topsy turvy day
June 6th, 2011Rerouted day
June 7th, 2011Shopping and slouching
June 7th, 2011Showers and surprises
June 9th, 2011Quiet day
June 10th, 2011Putting pieces together
June 11th, 2011Beat that
June 12th, 2011Great many things in the works
June 13th, 2011More of the same
June 14th, 2011Even big ponies cry
June 15th, 2011Making things work
June 16th, 2011Overall game plan
June 17th, 2011Ultra day
June 18th, 2011Slow but steady progress
June 19th, 2011Short but productive day
June 21st, 2011Shopping and a recap
June 22nd, 2011Hey, it works!
June 23rd, 2011Rendered steaks
June 24th, 2011Why am I up this late?
June 25th, 2011Slowing down
June 26th, 2011Slow quiet day
June 26th, 2011Gardening and aches
June 28th, 2011Home stretch - ish
June 29th, 2011Oh Rapture
July 1st, 2011Busy busy busy...
July 2nd, 2011Another day, another trip
July 3rd, 2011Out with the storms
July 3rd, 2011Events continue
July 6th, 2011Fourth and a Fifth
July 7th, 2011Shopping without a storm
July 8th, 2011All things eventually come to pass
July 9th, 2011Uphill battle and a relaxing gunfight
July 10th, 2011Slowly moving ahead
July 11th, 2011Distractions
July 12th, 2011Thunder and a treat
July 13th, 2011Fun in the sun
July 14th, 2011Writing and planning
July 15th, 2011Moving right along
July 18th, 2011Catching up
July 19th, 2011A roughly normal day
July 20th, 2011Shopping late
July 21st, 2011Lack of energy continues
July 22nd, 2011Pizza and a Movie
July 23rd, 2011Dear Princess Celestia
July 23rd, 2011Quiz time!
July 24th, 2011Rumbly day
July 24th, 2011Sleep pattern shifting again
July 26th, 2011Doctor visits
July 27th, 2011Getting back to normal
July 28th, 2011Getting back in business
July 29th, 2011Drawing, dwarves and drowsiness
July 30th, 2011Moving on
July 31st, 2011When did it get this late?!
August 1st, 2011Trips and Terraria
August 1st, 2011Long night of Terraria
August 3rd, 2011Shopping day
August 4th, 2011Starting things up again
August 5th, 2011Not going as planned
August 6th, 2011Fumbling forwards
August 7th, 2011Out of left field
August 8th, 2011True coding begins
August 9th, 2011More code and crunching
August 10th, 2011Busy day
August 11th, 2011Parts and pieces
August 12th, 2011Still plugging away at it
August 13th, 2011Off the rails
August 13th, 2011Up and running
August 14th, 2011Time's a changing
August 15th, 2011Thunder with a chance of pony
August 16th, 2011Shopping in a storm
August 17th, 2011Fandom HO!
August 18th, 2011Race to launch begins
August 19th, 2011More writing
August 20th, 2011Write and write...
August 21st, 2011Fiddling about
August 22nd, 2011Birds and Bronies
August 23rd, 2011Rather off kilter day
August 25th, 2011Getting things done
August 25th, 2011Checkup
August 27th, 2011Smooth, real smooth
August 28th, 2011Playing catchup
August 29th, 2011Pony fun
August 30th, 2011More shopping, more story
August 31st, 2011Birth of an OC
September 1st, 2011Limit reached
September 2nd, 2011PONY
September 3rd, 2011Chip it good
September 4th, 2011End of round 3
September 5th, 2011Recoloring
September 6th, 2011Redo of the redo with retching
September 7th, 2011Shopping, Subway and slow going
September 8th, 2011Moving on, and on, and on...
September 9th, 2011Not much of a day
September 10th, 2011Suck on this
September 11th, 2011Winning a bet and feeding birds
September 12th, 2011Shorter day than normal
September 13th, 2011Writing and burning
September 14th, 2011Shopping and sickness
September 15th, 2011And that's what we call 'gettin er done'
September 16th, 2011And so the fic career begins
September 16th, 2011T MINUS 9
September 17th, 2011T - 8
September 18th, 2011T - 7
September 19th, 2011T - 6
September 21st, 2011T - 5
September 21st, 2011T - 4
September 23rd, 2011T - 3
September 24th, 2011T - 2
September 25th, 2011T - 1
September 25th, 2011We have lift off
September 26th, 2011Setting up and settling down
September 27th, 2011Creeping along
September 29th, 2011Dopey day
September 29th, 2011Write write FIGHT!
September 30th, 2011So close
October 2nd, 2011Sleep through this, I dare ya
October 3rd, 2011Not going according to plan
October 3rd, 2011Some good, some bad
October 5th, 2011Picking up the pieces
October 6th, 2011Keeping the lights lit
October 7th, 2011Hitting new lows
October 7th, 2011Fixing code and fic
October 9th, 2011Clean up and fix up
October 9th, 2011Don't fear the reaper
October 10th, 2011Write this way...
October 11th, 2011Smooth shopping
October 13th, 2011Getting things moving again
October 14th, 2011Busy all around
October 15th, 2011Experiments and shopping
October 15th, 2011Well that was unexpected
October 17th, 2011Busted
October 17th, 2011One way to deal with the situation
October 19th, 2011At a loss for swear words
October 20th, 2011New computer, new troubles
October 20th, 2011Things don't let up
October 21st, 2011Putting it all together
October 22nd, 2011LUNA
October 24th, 2011Chugging along
October 25th, 2011Slowly building back up to speed
October 26th, 2011Hunting and gathering
October 27th, 2011Shave is a haircut -- 2 bits
October 27th, 2011Spacestation UGuardian calling mothership
October 29th, 2011Things going down
October 30th, 2011Many things afoot
October 31st, 2011Change of game plans
November 1st, 2011Standing back
November 2nd, 2011Things going down
November 3rd, 2011Crash time
November 3rd, 2011My head is full of funk
November 4th, 2011Real food and other ideas
November 6th, 2011Going nowhere fast
November 7th, 2011Artsy day (almost)
November 8th, 2011Shopping and shut down
November 9th, 2011Things in motion
November 10th, 2011A little pony, a little productivity
November 11th, 2011Moving in three directions
November 12th, 2011Stuff going on
November 13th, 2011Trips and trials
November 13th, 2011Yo-yo sugar and gaming
November 16th, 2011Heavy matters
November 17th, 2011Smartass genie
November 18th, 2011Tests and plodding
November 19th, 2011Building blocks
November 20th, 2011Early to rise
November 21st, 2011CDs, shopping and other situations
November 22nd, 2011Doctor d'ohs
November 23rd, 2011Cooking ahead
November 24th, 2011Thanksgiving
November 25th, 2011Almost...
November 27th, 2011Burning, building and boasting
November 28th, 2011Putting things in order
November 29th, 2011Coding up a storm
November 29th, 2011Shopping round 2
December 1st, 2011Pony Hard
December 2nd, 2011Broken bones and other things
December 2nd, 2011Quiet day of programming
December 4th, 2011Multiclassing and Multitasking
December 4th, 2011Overflow methinks
December 6th, 2011Pony in, pony out
December 8th, 2011Catching up
December 9th, 2011Bird seed and other things
December 10th, 2011Pieces falling together
December 11th, 2011Well so much for that
December 12th, 2011Writing and thinking
December 12th, 2011Unexpected obstacles
December 14th, 2011Writing and wandering
December 14th, 2011Ealry to rise might not be so wise
December 15th, 2011That backfired
December 16th, 2011Homemaking taken literally
December 18th, 2011Everybody ought to have a maid
December 18th, 2011Small victories
December 20th, 2011Fanfic and farming
December 22nd, 2011Pizza and progress
December 23rd, 2011Stall
December 24th, 2011Poking at things
December 25th, 2011Coding and cooking
December 26th, 2011Evil undead cyborg Santa
December 27th, 2011The aftermath
December 28th, 2011Transitioning
December 29th, 2011Stalling and thinking
December 30th, 2011That didn't go too smoothly
December 30th, 2011Edgy


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