Posts from 2010

January 1st, 2010Way to begin the new year
January 2nd, 2010Comics continue
January 3rd, 2010Keeping it short and simple
January 4th, 20102009 In Review
January 4th, 2010Resolutions for 2010
January 4th, 2010Lots of writing
January 5th, 2010Not a good day for thinking
January 6th, 2010Catching up to yesterday
January 7th, 2010Another day of it
January 8th, 2010I think we've found the problem
January 9th, 2010Breif entry
January 10th, 2010Limits
January 11th, 2010Quick Progress
January 12th, 2010Breaking bricks better
January 13th, 2010Pushing pixels
January 14th, 2010Spinning the gears
January 15th, 2010Think think think...
January 16th, 2010Chatty day
January 17th, 2010Comics completed for another week
January 18th, 2010Groceries and planning
January 19th, 2010New PC
January 20th, 2010Configurations continue
January 21st, 2010A shoppin' we will go
January 22nd, 2010Tightening the nuts
January 23rd, 2010Comic time
January 24th, 2010Poke poke poke
January 25th, 2010Thunder and noise
January 26th, 2010End of another day
January 27th, 2010Din 0.4.1 Released!
January 27th, 2010An end at a beginning
January 28th, 2010Necros Cavern 1.0.1 released!
January 28th, 2010Oiling the gears
January 29th, 2010Stars and Sprites
January 30th, 2010Short day
January 31st, 2010Running a little behind
February 1st, 2010Short day with subs
February 2nd, 2010Second half of shopping and code
February 3rd, 2010It lives
February 4th, 2010Null change
February 5th, 2010And now I C
February 6th, 2010Comics with code
February 7th, 2010Still making comics
February 8th, 2010Shopping, code, comments and comics
February 9th, 2010Game time
February 10th, 2010Code failure
February 11th, 2010Psyched
February 12th, 2010Don't light a match
February 13th, 2010Good news, bad news
February 14th, 2010Year of the Tiger
February 15th, 2010Tea, Earl Gray, hot.
February 16th, 2010Cleaning up
February 17th, 2010A new approach
February 18th, 2010Doc and development
February 19th, 2010Coding along
February 20th, 2010Just a quick note
February 20th, 2010Your typical weekend update
February 21st, 2010Whatever
February 22nd, 2010A little of everything
February 23rd, 2010Reuben Reuben I've been thinking...
February 24th, 2010Tighting the bolts
February 25th, 2010Finding answers
February 26th, 2010Prickly situation
February 27th, 2010Another day, another comic
February 28th, 2010Quickie
March 1st, 2010Burnout
March 2nd, 2010Second Shopping
March 3rd, 2010More of the same
March 4th, 2010On government efficiency
March 5th, 2010Hobbies and travels
March 6th, 2010Comics, Captains and Conversions
March 7th, 2010Lucky break
March 8th, 2010Random quiz time
March 8th, 2010In with a bang
March 9th, 2010The problem with proprietary programs
March 10th, 2010That's more like it
March 11th, 2010Pov's vet trip
March 12th, 2010Daily blarg
March 13th, 2010Shopping with interest
March 14th, 2010Shopping speed records
March 15th, 2010New games, new problems
March 16th, 2010Eye exam and more
March 17th, 2010A blast from the past
March 18th, 2010Car inspection and new dimensions
March 19th, 2010Another doomed space marine
March 20th, 2010Sidetracked
March 21st, 2010Corruption in the beam
March 22nd, 2010Fire and rain
March 23rd, 2010Hair cut and Chinese
March 24th, 2010Of blood and bunnies
March 25th, 2010Hobbies and design ideas
March 26th, 2010Futility and fumes
March 27th, 2010Quiz of the week
March 27th, 2010Steam powered
March 28th, 2010Half a life
March 29th, 2010Shopping and shooting
March 31st, 2010Fun times
April 1st, 2010Zombie needs a headcrab
April 2nd, 2010Making progress
April 3rd, 2010Wrapping things up
April 4th, 2010Busy day
April 6th, 2010Yesterday in breif
April 6th, 2010Another 5 AM day
April 7th, 2010Off day
April 8th, 2010Projects resume
April 9th, 2010Grocery run and development pauses
April 10th, 2010Another orbit
April 11th, 2010Future developments
April 13th, 2010New day, new server
April 13th, 2010Fresh start
April 14th, 2010Redeveloping the system
April 15th, 2010Errand bound
April 16th, 2010Slightly rained out
April 17th, 2010Still drudging along
April 18th, 2010Today was brought to you by the letter /b/
April 20th, 2010Sub and torpedo
April 20th, 2010On Fire
April 21st, 2010Longest install ever
April 22nd, 2010Do you like movies about gladiators?
April 23rd, 2010Not a day for deep thoughts
April 24th, 2010Questing
April 25th, 2010Rainy day
April 26th, 2010Pizza and a movie
April 27th, 2010Working hard or hardly working?
April 28th, 2010Play that funky music
April 29th, 2010New version launched!
April 29th, 2010Okay, so I'm not very frugal
April 30th, 2010A little of everything
May 1st, 2010Not one of my best
May 2nd, 2010Stormless day
May 3rd, 2010Errands and elements
May 4th, 2010Burn, baby burn
May 5th, 2010Robbed of an evening
May 6th, 2010The quest for drugs
May 8th, 2010Yesterday and Today
May 10th, 2010Busy day
May 10th, 2010Groceries on the grill
May 11th, 2010Fast and busy day
May 12th, 2010Progress being made
May 13th, 2010So, where's the thunder?
May 14th, 2010Another day, another war
May 15th, 20101p / hour
May 16th, 2010Sleepy time
May 17th, 2010Disturbance in the farce
May 19th, 2010Figures.
May 19th, 2010Check up day
May 20th, 2010Restarting with the VMs
May 22nd, 2010Serious Business
May 23rd, 2010Wars continue as comics get done
May 23rd, 2010Quick shopping
May 25th, 2010Day of oddities
May 25th, 2010Continuing development
May 26th, 2010More weird events
May 27th, 2010Layout completed
May 28th, 2010No bugs, yes bugs
May 30th, 2010Little of this, little of that
May 31st, 2010Revenge of the bacon
May 31st, 2010Rainy day
June 1st, 2010Quiet and short
June 2nd, 2010Deals deals deals
June 3rd, 2010Watchin' telly
June 4th, 2010In house tech service
June 5th, 2010Things did not go as planned
June 6th, 2010Busy week begins
June 7th, 2010Busy week continues
June 8th, 2010Busy week continues still
June 9th, 2010Busy week continues: Doctor visit
June 10th, 2010Busy week continues: shopping
June 11th, 2010Aftermath of a busy week
June 12th, 2010Quieting down
June 13th, 2010Comics and clean up
June 14th, 2010Little of everything
June 15th, 2010Feeding a yak
June 16th, 2010Productive day
June 18th, 2010Buy! Sell! Buy!
June 18th, 2010Early to wake and late to bed
June 19th, 2010Funky day
June 20th, 2010Snookered
June 21st, 2010Grilling SSI
June 22nd, 2010POCKY
June 23rd, 2010Wasabi is evil yo
June 24th, 2010Finally caught up
June 25th, 2010Day away from projects
June 26th, 2010Angels and art
June 27th, 2010Ka boom
June 28th, 2010Slow day
June 29th, 2010Errands, goals and things to look forward to
June 30th, 2010One expensive set of armor later
July 1st, 2010Festival day 1
July 2nd, 2010Steam running low
July 3rd, 2010Sound familiar?
July 4th, 2010The 4th
July 5th, 2010Not going to last
July 6th, 2010Bugs, bugs, and bogs
July 7th, 2010Hot, hot day
July 8th, 2010Focusing on the project
July 9th, 2010Quiet 'cept for the thunder
July 10th, 2010Bad night, bad suprise, good result
July 11th, 2010Quiet day
July 12th, 2010Early and late day
July 13th, 2010because I haven't done a meme in a while...
July 14th, 2010Forging ahead
July 14th, 2010Change of plans
July 15th, 2010Testing concepts
July 16th, 2010Slowly moving foward
July 17th, 2010New beginning
July 18th, 2010Another day another quest
July 19th, 2010Shopping on empty
July 20th, 2010Calculated risks
July 21st, 2010Grilling just because
July 23rd, 2010Long story short
July 24th, 2010Weather or not
July 25th, 2010Eventful day
July 27th, 2010Run run run
July 27th, 2010Oy. Just oy.
July 29th, 2010Quick reprise
July 30th, 2010Carded
July 31st, 2010Verified
August 1st, 2010Downtime
August 2nd, 2010Done for a week
August 3rd, 2010Win some, lose some
August 4th, 2010Pasta and Pings
August 5th, 2010Shopping around the worlds
August 6th, 2010Simple but not
August 7th, 2010Quick foggy day
August 8th, 2010Lethargic day
August 9th, 2010Productive day for a change
August 10th, 2010Good finds
August 12th, 2010Vet and lots of thinking
August 13th, 2010Friday the 13th
August 14th, 2010Burnout
August 16th, 2010Looks like a bug
August 16th, 2010Learning curves
August 17th, 2010A grand day out
August 18th, 2010Winds of change
August 19th, 2010Getting things taken care of
August 22nd, 2010Catching up
August 23rd, 2010Scripting and thoughts
August 23rd, 2010Proton packs and progress
August 25th, 2010Progress continues with a twist
August 25th, 2010So much for today
August 27th, 2010Run run run
August 28th, 2010Moving right along
August 28th, 2010A little coding
August 30th, 2010Pet shop of horrors
September 1st, 2010Hot time on the town
September 2nd, 2010Day for bad news and troubles
September 3rd, 2010Stuff continues
September 3rd, 2010Plans changed
September 5th, 2010Neither energy nor inspiration
September 6th, 2010A little out of sorts
September 7th, 2010Labor day activities
September 8th, 2010Hurrying up a tad
September 9th, 2010Rethinking things
September 10th, 2010Puttering about
September 11th, 2010We make plans, God laughs
September 12th, 2010Learning curve
September 13th, 2010Things continue
September 14th, 2010Daemon summoning
September 15th, 2010Keeping watch
September 16th, 2010Net troubles, search continues regardless
September 18th, 2010Bit of spot eh gov?
September 19th, 2010Quiet day
September 20th, 2010Rethinking things
September 21st, 2010Very short day
September 22nd, 2010Dopey day
September 22nd, 2010MOAR POWA
September 24th, 2010Well, this was looking to be a nice day
September 25th, 2010Two days of stuff
September 27th, 2010Delivery completed
September 28th, 2010Lessons got learned today
September 29th, 2010That whooshing sound was today going by
September 29th, 2010Setting up for the future
October 1st, 2010It's that time of year again!
October 2nd, 2010Thinking and plotting
October 3rd, 2010No motivation today
October 4th, 2010Progress, but not as expected
October 5th, 2010Some fight, some progress
October 5th, 2010Fun continues
October 8th, 2010Running against the wind
October 9th, 2010More than one way to solve the issue
October 9th, 2010Code code code
October 11th, 2010Programming mixed with an optional crowbar
October 11th, 2010Work continues unabated
October 13th, 2010Shopping day and other things
October 14th, 2010Still coding
October 14th, 2010Phase 1 complete!
October 17th, 2010Potentially explosive
October 18th, 2010Cooling off
October 20th, 2010Misc updates
October 21st, 2010So the day ends
October 22nd, 2010Comics, coding and chocoboos
October 23rd, 2010Surprises
October 24th, 2010I can see forever!
October 24th, 2010Time out
October 26th, 2010Busily moving along
October 26th, 2010Shopping and scare
October 28th, 2010Movie night
October 29th, 2010Things continue
October 30th, 2010Cleaning up the mess
October 31st, 2010Things to do, goblins to beat the pulp out of
November 1st, 2010Halloween
November 2nd, 2010Sick day
November 3rd, 2010Shrink surprise
November 5th, 2010Periodic stupid
November 6th, 2010Less stupid, more Monk-eying around
November 7th, 2010Fighting the fog
November 8th, 2010Shopping and scare part two
November 9th, 2010Lots of shopping, another scare
November 12th, 2010Say hello to the new server!
November 13th, 2010Just a quickie
November 14th, 2010Today and the past few days
November 15th, 2010Nut leading the blind
November 16th, 2010Working on everything
November 17th, 2010List shrinks more
November 18th, 2010Slowing down
November 18th, 2010The Power of Dew
November 19th, 2010Writing and warriors
November 21st, 2010What goes up must come down
November 22nd, 2010Setting up again
November 23rd, 2010Shopping in a storm
November 24th, 2010On to coding
November 25th, 2010Another day of coding
November 26th, 2010Green eyed kitty and many things
November 27th, 2010Thanksgiving a day late
November 28th, 2010Rolling along
November 28th, 2010On the topic of the recent domain shutdowns...
November 29th, 2010Further work, further play
November 30th, 2010Hard day
December 1st, 2010Lots of thinking, and more bad news
December 2nd, 2010Pretty uneventful day
December 3rd, 2010Why am I still up?
December 4th, 2010Seriously Cleaning
December 5th, 2010Another day with Din
December 6th, 2010More code, more progress
December 7th, 2010Enough updates
December 8th, 2010Mish mash of things
December 9th, 2010Objectives met
December 10th, 2010Night's not going well
December 11th, 2010Pleasant news
December 11th, 2010Main site update completed!
December 12th, 2010Of vampires and comics
December 13th, 2010UGuardian startled the Witch!
December 14th, 2010Blizzard and fog
December 15th, 2010Beat this
December 16th, 2010A return to DFO
December 17th, 2010Busy and productive day
December 18th, 2010Putting everything together
December 19th, 2010Working out kinks
December 20th, 2010Code check
December 21st, 2010Shopping day
December 22nd, 2010End of yet another day
December 23rd, 2010♪ Everybody was Dungeon Fight-ing... ♫
December 24th, 2010Another day passes
December 24th, 2010Work continues despite troubles
December 26th, 2010Christmas day
December 27th, 2010Progress?
December 27th, 2010Burnt out at the ER
December 29th, 2010What a flustered duck
December 30th, 2010Typity typity typity...
December 31st, 2010Code and free cash


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