Posts from 2009

January 1st, 2009World's largest shopping trip
January 2nd, 2009The gnu year so far
January 3rd, 2009Bringing it all up
January 4th, 2009Thinking and thinking
January 5th, 2009Unexpected Chinese
January 6th, 2009Visiting the doc
January 7th, 2009Bit of a day
January 8th, 2009Getting settled
January 9th, 2009All things must pass
January 10th, 2009Racing ahead
January 11th, 2009Little here and there
January 12th, 20092 cats, 1 car
January 13th, 2009Mixed bag of a day
January 14th, 2009Today in breif
January 15th, 2009Oh my stars and garters
January 15th, 2009Fast day
January 16th, 2009Meatballs and time
January 17th, 2009Another way to fill a tooth
January 18th, 2009Braindead day
January 19th, 2009Comedy of Errors
January 20th, 2009Healthy junk food
January 21st, 2009Plans are made, God laughs
January 22nd, 2009Carry out confusion
January 24th, 2009Culmination of events
January 25th, 2009A little entertainment
January 26th, 2009Happy new year
January 27th, 2009Redressing old wounds
January 28th, 2009Exercise and art
January 29th, 2009That was fast
January 30th, 2009Night time's shamans are busy
January 31st, 2009Well that certainly wasn't in my plans!
February 3rd, 2009Meet the new UGuardian
February 6th, 2009Busy week comes to a close
February 7th, 200910 Commandments of Writing Gag Comics
February 7th, 2009Plans and Projects
February 8th, 2009Recapping recent events
February 8th, 2009Much a do
February 9th, 2009Unexpected trip
February 10th, 2009Progress with a capital P
February 11th, 2009Making up for yesterday
February 12th, 2009Running late
February 13th, 2009Friday the 13th
February 14th, 2009What a night
February 15th, 2009Fire in the hood
February 16th, 2009Shopping
February 17th, 2009Filling time
February 18th, 2009Brute force math
February 19th, 2009Everyone's a critic
February 20th, 2009Coding and comics
February 21st, 2009Another day, another roll of Bounty
February 22nd, 2009Dissatisfied customer
February 22nd, 2009What a friggin day
February 23rd, 2009Cat, cooking, copywrite and case mods
February 24th, 2009Another tired day
February 25th, 2009Twist of fate
February 26th, 2009Time passes
February 27th, 2009Most news is bad news
February 28th, 2009Drained
March 1st, 2009Groceries and progress
March 2nd, 2009The unexpected
March 3rd, 2009One way to lose weight
March 4th, 2009Addendum
March 4th, 2009Moving on up
March 5th, 2009Long day
March 6th, 2009End of another day
March 7th, 2009Debug day
March 8th, 2009Bad weather incoming
March 9th, 2009Longest wait on record
March 10th, 2009New brand of computer troubles
March 11th, 2009Blip on the radar
March 11th, 2009And everything happened today
March 12th, 2009View out the window
March 12th, 2009Vets and Vampires
March 13th, 2009Crazy night
March 14th, 2009Boldly going nowhere
March 15th, 2009Drawing away
March 16th, 2009All is not quiet on the Western Front
March 17th, 2009Flowers, food, furniture and focus
March 18th, 2009Warped and weary
March 19th, 2009Filling the time
March 20th, 2009Not going smoothly
March 21st, 2009Make it so
March 22nd, 2009Coming together
March 23rd, 2009Burnt meat never tasted better
March 24th, 2009Enlightening day
March 25th, 2009Exhausted
March 26th, 2009Moving slowly along
March 27th, 2009New toys and the wait to use them
March 28th, 2009More goodies arrive
March 29th, 2009Moving too fast
March 30th, 2009The goodies have landed
March 31st, 2009Buffet and browsing
April 1st, 2009Fastest dentist visit ever
April 2nd, 2009What a mess
April 3rd, 2009Still sorting
April 4th, 2009Sorting still continues
April 5th, 2009Starting to wrap it all up
April 6th, 2009Burninatted CD
April 7th, 2009Quote of the day
April 7th, 2009Still snowing
April 8th, 2009Things you don't notice until it's beyond disgusting
April 8th, 2009The internet is for...
April 9th, 2009And so pass the days of Cybertron
April 10th, 2009Never was this userpic more accurate
April 10th, 2009Gorging completed
April 11th, 2009Spacy Caveman Lawyer
April 12th, 2009Easter
April 13th, 2009Early groceries
April 14th, 2009Fast smurfing
April 15th, 2009Progress with a backhand
April 16th, 2009Smurfing it the hard way
April 17th, 2009Slow going with candy
April 18th, 2009Grilled thoughts
April 19th, 2009Done smurfing around
April 20th, 2009Recap
April 21st, 2009Day at the doctor's
April 22nd, 2009Inside my mind
April 23rd, 2009Day two on the pill
April 24th, 2009Weighty matter
April 25th, 2009Sweatin' to the 80s
April 26th, 2009Some additional comments
April 26th, 2009Further adventures in heat
April 27th, 2009Back to normal-ish
April 28th, 2009Groceries and Gadget
April 29th, 2009Thoughts and videos
April 30th, 2009The Phantom of the Opera is here
May 1st, 2009Lotsa pretty pictures
May 2nd, 2009All for lunch
May 3rd, 2009Behind Background Service
May 3rd, 2009Regularly scheduled boring post
May 4th, 2009Gardens, groceries and Gadget
May 5th, 2009Things continue
May 6th, 2009Change of drugs
May 7th, 2009Another day of drawing
May 8th, 2009One of those days
May 9th, 2009Haircut and Hunan
May 10th, 2009Mother's Day 2009
May 11th, 2009Unexpected junk run
May 12th, 2009World's Speed Shopping Record
May 13th, 2009There and back again
May 14th, 2009Revamp in progress
May 15th, 2009Another day another headache
May 16th, 2009DuckTales out, Superfriends in
May 17th, 2009What Star Trek character am I?
May 17th, 2009Just filling the time
May 18th, 2009Unexpected developments
May 19th, 2009Unexpected surprises
May 20th, 2009Looking to the future
May 21st, 2009Bloodwork, broken light and the binge must end
May 22nd, 2009Moving along
May 23rd, 2009Shopping before the holiday
May 24th, 2009Wandering in the Universe
May 25th, 2009Memorial Day 2009
May 26th, 2009Moving right along
May 28th, 2009Belated entry
May 28th, 2009Blasted weather
May 29th, 2009And so it ends...
May 30th, 2009Code and comics
May 31st, 2009And so it begins
June 2nd, 2009Late entry
June 2nd, 2009Unplanned outing and caverns
June 3rd, 2009Shrunk day
June 4th, 2009Putting it all together
June 5th, 2009How is this stuff healthy again?
June 6th, 200925 years of colored blocks
June 7th, 2009That which must not be
June 7th, 2009Furries: We know drama
June 8th, 2009Fast but interesting day
June 9th, 2009Dreams of line art
June 10th, 2009Thinking about things
June 11th, 2009Second mouse gets the cheese
June 12th, 2009The joy of working GI tracts
June 13th, 2009Moving on slowly
June 14th, 2009Still chugging along
June 15th, 2009Buffer loaded
June 17th, 2009Catching up
June 18th, 2009Putting things in order
June 19th, 2009More storms
June 20th, 2009Star Trekking
June 21st, 2009The Final Frontier
June 22nd, 2009Goodies ahoy
June 23rd, 20098 hour shopping day
June 24th, 2009Shopping round 2 and kidney report
June 25th, 2009Many events of the day
June 26th, 2009Too sleep perchance to dream
June 27th, 2009For want of a brain
June 28th, 2009This is a test
June 28th, 2009Another day, another story
June 29th, 2009What a night
June 30th, 2009End of Trek
July 1st, 2009Got chips?
July 2nd, 2009Freaky Day II
July 3rd, 2009Nothing happened
July 4th, 2009The fourth
July 5th, 2009Errands and the end of the Freak
July 6th, 2009Working things out
July 7th, 2009Trim and troubles
July 8th, 2009Out for a bite
July 9th, 2009Little one takes a trip
July 10th, 2009Burnt midnight petrol
July 11th, 2009In other news
July 12th, 2009Full stop
July 13th, 2009Groceries and garbage
July 14th, 2009Hanging a red light
July 15th, 2009Abrupt change of plans
July 15th, 2009A rather quiet day
July 16th, 2009Graphic developments
July 17th, 2009All that time for nothing
July 18th, 2009What might have been
July 19th, 2009Perks of being a VIP
July 20th, 2009Territorial dispute
July 21st, 2009Oops, we did it again!
July 22nd, 2009Productive day
July 23rd, 2009Wild card
July 24th, 2009A mite and a spider
July 25th, 2009Batty Bats
July 26th, 2009Quest ends in disappointment
July 27th, 2009MY POKEMANS
July 27th, 2009Mail and dip
July 28th, 2009Playing with toys
July 29th, 2009Dragged through the day
July 30th, 2009Brain on autorun
July 31st, 2009Ride the wall
August 1st, 2009Time to make comics again
August 2nd, 2009Another day another comic
August 3rd, 2009Groceries
August 4th, 2009Cane and Able
August 5th, 2009And things were going so well
August 6th, 2009Not my day
August 7th, 2009Quick week
August 8th, 2009Another day drawing
August 9th, 2009Still drawing
August 10th, 2009Do nothing day
August 11th, 2009Unexpected guests
August 12th, 2009Old but not forgotten
August 13th, 2009Peeking out of the handbasket
August 14th, 2009Renewed and refitted
August 15th, 2009Optimus Arrives
August 16th, 2009Dropping in and out
August 17th, 2009Not one of my better days
August 18th, 2009Haircut and Hunan
August 19th, 2009Early entry
August 20th, 2009FnF 3.0 Live
August 20th, 2009Making a day of it
August 21st, 2009Closing down and moving on
August 22nd, 2009On the subject of jaw strength
August 23rd, 2009Comics, Christianity and the inevitable
August 24th, 2009Pov's trip
August 25th, 2009Recovery day
August 26th, 2009Thoughtwork
August 27th, 2009The cycle continues
August 28th, 2009Something wicked this way comes
August 29th, 2009Itchy Scratchy
August 30th, 2009Shopping and shooting 'em up
August 31st, 2009Doctor and 'Doze
September 1st, 2009Cleaning and code
September 2nd, 2009Fires of Doom
September 3rd, 2009Brief errands and many images later
September 4th, 2009Cleaning it all up
September 5th, 2009A typical Saturday
September 6th, 2009Labor day celebrations
September 7th, 2009Slow day
September 8th, 2009Drill, baby, Drill!
September 9th, 2009Relative matters
September 10th, 2009Serious coding begins
September 11th, 2009Snack roll call
September 11th, 20099-11
September 12th, 2009G'night
September 13th, 2009Recapping yesterday
September 13th, 2009Daily whine
September 14th, 2009Minor shopping
September 15th, 2009Shopping and sound
September 16th, 2009Beepin and a boopin
September 17th, 2009Wildman wouldn't approve
September 18th, 2009zonked
September 19th, 2009Sleep and scripts
September 20th, 2009Two comics and a stumper
September 21st, 2009Elite 25th Anniversary
September 22nd, 2009Wallpaper Meme
September 22nd, 2009Crowned
September 23rd, 2009Today was brought to you by music videos
September 24th, 2009Woofta!
September 25th, 2009Oops, I did it again!
September 26th, 2009Drawing and Daioh
September 27th, 2009The dangers of an internet connection
September 28th, 2009Grocery
September 29th, 2009Making a day of it
September 30th, 2009That time of year again
October 1st, 2009Typing quickly
October 2nd, 2009Not something to wake up to
October 3rd, 2009Batman continues
October 4th, 2009Busy day
October 5th, 2009Sorting and sorting
October 6th, 2009Wheee
October 7th, 2009Regrouping
October 8th, 2009Return to Neopia
October 9th, 2009Another day of Wesley
October 10th, 2009Muppets and Meepits
October 11th, 2009The day is over
October 12th, 2009Shopping day cometh early
October 13th, 2009Few errands, fast evening
October 14th, 2009Bad hair day
October 15th, 2009Day at the spa
October 16th, 2009Sugar Bombs
October 17th, 2009another day another comic
October 18th, 2009Revival
October 19th, 2009Repeat of yesterday
October 20th, 2009Running back and forth
October 21st, 2009Beacon in the veil of the night
October 22nd, 2009Continuing on
October 23rd, 2009Building up from relics
October 24th, 2009DOS and Comics
October 25th, 2009GUI hell and comics
October 26th, 2009Shopping, code and Firefox frustrations
October 27th, 2009Handfuls of snot and other enjoyable things
October 28th, 2009Today's business
October 29th, 2009Star Trek Quiz
October 29th, 2009Done deal
October 30th, 2009Halloween Eve
October 31st, 2009Halloween
November 1st, 2009Pizza and a Movie
November 2nd, 2009Day of the Dead
November 3rd, 2009Day of Reckoning
November 4th, 2009Freezer arrives, things slowly move on
November 5th, 2009Busy day
November 6th, 2009Random quiz time
November 6th, 2009More trek and code
November 7th, 2009Comics continue
November 8th, 2009Hat trick of projects
November 9th, 2009Rethink your loyalties
November 9th, 2009Shopping and systems design
November 10th, 2009Old is new again
November 11th, 2009Work continues
November 12th, 2009Shrinky dink day
November 13th, 2009Made of Fail
November 14th, 2009Comics and colors
November 15th, 2009Short work of a short day
November 16th, 2009Code and code and code...
November 17th, 2009A blustery evening
November 18th, 2009Day swept away
November 19th, 2009Bordering on code
November 20th, 2009Wiz arrives
November 21st, 2009Energy depleted
November 22nd, 2009Another day with the Wiz
November 23rd, 2009Unexpected developments
November 24th, 2009Maintenance
November 25th, 2009Jolly fun
November 26th, 2009Thanksgiving
November 27th, 2009Isn't that special?
November 28th, 2009The long copy
November 29th, 2009Day is long
November 30th, 2009Of trips and drawings
December 1st, 2009Rejected
December 2nd, 2009Processing and writing
December 3rd, 2009Another day down
December 4th, 2009Major headache
December 5th, 2009No rest for the weary
December 6th, 2009R and R
December 7th, 2009What's up Doc
December 8th, 2009Things are moving along
December 9th, 2009Auntie Em! Auntie Em!
December 10th, 2009Boldly going forward
December 11th, 2009An evening at the Hilton
December 12th, 2009Cleansing the system
December 13th, 2009Closet archeology
December 14th, 2009Shopping and well...
December 16th, 2009Yesterday in breif
December 16th, 2009The day ends early
December 17th, 2009Of games and gain
December 18th, 2009Din 0.4 Released
December 18th, 2009Anniversary dinner
December 19th, 2009Two down, one to go
December 20th, 2009Simple day
December 21st, 2009That was different
December 22nd, 2009So
December 23rd, 2009Early Christmas
December 24th, 2009Christmas Eve
December 25th, 2009Christmas at UGuardian's
December 26th, 2009Well that was fun
December 27th, 2009It lives
December 28th, 2009Experiments and efforts
December 29th, 2009Quiet time
December 30th, 2009Cleaning up
December 31st, 2009Last post of the year


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