Posts from 2008

January 1st, 2008Progress
January 2nd, 2008Not much left unturned
January 3rd, 2008Out to Launch
January 4th, 2008Bit of a mess
January 6th, 2008Day at the races
January 7th, 2008The day wears on
January 8th, 2008False Alarm #3
January 9th, 2008About as well as expected
January 10th, 2008What a night
January 11th, 2008Building up, taking down
January 12th, 2008Projects on the move
January 12th, 2008Still here
January 13th, 2008Shortened Day
January 14th, 2008Wheee!
January 15th, 2008Day of Weirdness
January 16th, 2008Toolkits, robots, chicken oh my
January 17th, 2008Train wreck of a day
January 18th, 2008Progress with a yawn
January 19th, 2008Quickie
January 20th, 2008Yesterday in review
January 20th, 2008Shuffling onwards
January 21st, 2008The diet starts tomorrow
January 22nd, 2008Run that by me again?
January 22nd, 2008What a day
January 23rd, 2008Long day
January 24th, 2008Random gibberish
January 25th, 2008Message from the DVD/CD-RW drive
January 25th, 2008Round about install
January 26th, 2008So much for that
January 26th, 2008Busy as a beaver
January 27th, 2008I finally understand
January 28th, 2008Drama = Fun
January 29th, 2008Plans are made to be broken
January 30th, 2008Prickly situation
January 30th, 2008A time of desperate need
January 31st, 2008Spice of Life
February 1st, 2008Working on switching
February 1st, 2008Foraging ahead
February 2nd, 2008Super Shopping Saturday
February 3rd, 2008Just Thuper Thunday!
February 4th, 2008Legend of Sleep
February 5th, 2008Super Phat Tuesday
February 6th, 2008And so it begins
February 7th, 2008Well that was a ride
February 8th, 2008Busy billiards
February 9th, 2008Allow me to explain
February 10th, 2008Sort of back to work
February 11th, 2008Stare if you dare
February 12th, 2008Minor setbacks
February 13th, 2008Fast paced day
February 14th, 2008Shopping part 1
February 15th, 2008Lunch and thoughts
February 15th, 2008?
February 16th, 2008Easy come, easy go
February 17th, 2008Shopping and thinking
February 18th, 2008Pizza and a Movie
February 19th, 2008Good news, bad news
February 20th, 2008WWIII and fast feet
February 21st, 2008A little of everything
February 22nd, 2008Moar games, higher pressure
February 23rd, 2008The heck?
February 23rd, 2008Two kinds of hacking
February 24th, 2008Nanostray
February 24th, 2008Well that was unexpected
February 25th, 2008Feeling Hot Hot Hot
February 26th, 2008Showing improvement
February 27th, 2008A little forwards and backwards
February 28th, 2008Nearly over and done with
February 29th, 2008Daily run
March 1st, 2008Doin stuff, clickin stuff
March 2nd, 2008Yet another redo on the way
March 3rd, 2008Biggest shopping EVAR
March 4th, 2008Making a different kind of noise
March 5th, 2008Maketh a joyful Noise
March 6th, 2008For Pony!
March 7th, 2008Blazing away
March 8th, 2008Winter Clusterduck
March 9th, 2008Much done
March 10th, 2008And the noise grows louder
March 11th, 2008(not so) quiet day
March 12th, 2008Wheels are a turning
March 13th, 2008Flustery day
March 14th, 2008Yesterday in more detail
March 14th, 2008Sticky wicket wot
March 15th, 2008Epic day
March 16th, 2008Shopping and a film
March 17th, 2008Shrinks and Shiney things
March 18th, 2008Reinventing the wheel
March 19th, 2008Busy day
March 20th, 2008For pills and Pony
March 21st, 2008One of these days I'll learn
March 22nd, 2008Easter Eve
March 23rd, 2008I fought the compiler, and the compiler lost
March 23rd, 2008Duplicate post deleted
March 23rd, 2008Duplicate post deleted
March 24th, 2008Daily blurgle
March 25th, 2008Stuff happen
March 26th, 2008Progress continues
March 27th, 2008Programming deplomacy
March 28th, 2008Grooming day
March 29th, 2008Some things never change
March 30th, 2008General notice
April 4th, 2008Move successful
April 4th, 2008Disney was correct
April 5th, 2008Audits and Pirates
April 6th, 2008Various things of interest
April 7th, 2008Daily dredge
April 8th, 2008Still not done
April 9th, 2008Earworm day
April 10th, 2008Stuff keeps happening
April 11th, 2008Blustery Day
April 12th, 2008Busy day
April 13th, 2008Coding with Chilidogs
April 14th, 2008Hooked on Sonics
April 15th, 2008A family restaurant
April 16th, 2008Feathers and projects
April 17th, 2008Day off
April 18th, 2008Today's over already?
April 19th, 2008Bird Brains
April 20th, 2008420
April 21st, 2008Plodding along
April 22nd, 2008Constant diligence
April 23rd, 2008Tinkering time away
April 24th, 2008Where are we going, and who designed this place?!
April 25th, 2008Fast day
April 26th, 2008Better offers you can't refuse
April 27th, 2008Coding and consumerism
April 28th, 2008Extremely busy day
April 29th, 2008One-track day
April 30th, 2008Link fest
April 30th, 2008Yesterday at length
May 1st, 2008Moving on
May 2nd, 2008Wearing day
May 3rd, 2008Recap of the day
May 4th, 2008Virtual progress
May 5th, 2008Tinkering machines
May 6th, 2008Repairs
May 7th, 2008The daily blarg
May 8th, 2008Careful coding and Clyde
May 9th, 2008Working things out
May 10th, 2008Busy busy day
May 11th, 2008Mother's Day
May 13th, 2008B-Day dinner and recap
May 14th, 2008Somethings just don't belong in there
May 15th, 2008Short day
May 16th, 2008I've had better days
May 17th, 2008Daily oddities
May 18th, 2008And now a message from our sponsors:
May 19th, 2008The saga continues
May 20th, 2008What's up doc
May 21st, 2008A winner is you!
May 21st, 2008Situation improving
May 22nd, 2008Crazy stuff
May 23rd, 2008Consumerism and crunched code
May 24th, 2008Goofy thought of the moment
May 24th, 2008Day's dawdlings
May 25th, 2008Day out
May 26th, 2008Memorable day
May 27th, 2008Bad News Day
May 28th, 2008Fun fun fun
May 29th, 2008More bad news
May 30th, 20081995-2008
May 30th, 2008End of the day
May 31st, 2008Out goes the week from Hell
June 1st, 2008So much for
June 2nd, 2008The good with the bad
June 3rd, 2008Things happen
June 4th, 2008If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then give up.
June 5th, 2008Much ado about something
June 6th, 2008Quiet day
June 7th, 2008Still typing away
June 8th, 2008Slimming down
June 9th, 2008Net change
June 10th, 2008Grocery day
June 11th, 2008Order arrives
June 12th, 2008Working hard
June 12th, 2008Follow Up
June 13th, 2008Spooky events of the day
June 14th, 2008Less of a man than I used to be
June 15th, 2008Early end of the day
June 16th, 2008Objects in motion
June 17th, 2008Isn't that fabulous?
June 17th, 2008Somethings couldn't go better
June 18th, 2008Moving slow
June 19th, 2008The troubles with toolkits
June 20th, 2008Odds are not in my favor lately
June 21st, 2008Cereal Adventures
June 22nd, 2008Blow me down
June 23rd, 2008Install day
June 24th, 2008Wonders never cease
June 26th, 2008Recap and today's news
June 27th, 2008Nosy Nelly
June 28th, 2008Watching and working
June 29th, 2008Thinking about stuff
June 30th, 2008Minishopping
July 1st, 2008Rule #1 of hiding: don't act suspiciously
July 1st, 2008Not enough left to work with
July 2nd, 2008Another day another headache
July 3rd, 2008Such that it was
July 4th, 2008Happy 4th!
July 5th, 2008Celebrating the Fifth
July 6th, 2008Time to regroup
July 7th, 2008Scans and tests
July 8th, 2008Overall progress
July 9th, 2008Busy and productive day
July 10th, 2008Somewhat odd day
July 11th, 2008Birds and battles
July 12th, 20081.0 RC 2 Uploaded!
July 12th, 2008Sour burritos and sweet success
July 13th, 2008Long day of waiting
July 14th, 2008Today was a workout
July 15th, 2008Well that was fun
July 16th, 2008Fun fun fun
July 17th, 2008Guess what?
July 17th, 2008Priorities: We has them
July 17th, 2008Today in breifs, tomorrow sans boxers
July 18th, 2008Groceries and more
July 19th, 2008Moving right along (do di do)
July 20th, 2008Quiet day
July 21st, 2008Knocking things off the to do list
July 22nd, 2008Another quiet day
July 23rd, 2008And so the fun begins
July 24th, 2008Ups and Downs
July 25th, 2008Time has gone by
July 26th, 2008Wedding day
July 27th, 2008Today really didn't go as planned
July 28th, 2008A grand day out
July 29th, 2008Recapping the wedding
July 29th, 2008Regrouping
July 30th, 2008New roads, new road blocks
July 31st, 2008Day of waiting
August 1st, 2008And just when I think I've seen everything
August 1st, 2008Click and size, click and size
August 2nd, 2008Daily glurge
August 3rd, 2008Lots of directions
August 4th, 2008Abbreviated news
August 5th, 2008General Disorder meet Major Pain
August 6th, 2008Today did not go well
August 7th, 2008Hard drive recovery has completely.
August 7th, 2008Programs and Pizza
August 8th, 2008The day wears on
August 10th, 2008Two days news
August 11th, 2008Errands and errata
August 12th, 2008Big changes around the corner
August 13th, 2008Clicky clicky
August 14th, 2008Thoughts on entertainment
August 14th, 2008Nyah ha ha!
August 15th, 2008More thoughts on web comics
August 15th, 2008Groceries with a side order of news
August 16th, 2008Packing and programming
August 17th, 2008Very busy day
August 18th, 2008360 shillings richer
August 19th, 2008Lost little kitten
August 20th, 2008That's progress for you!
August 21st, 2008Modular solutions
August 22nd, 2008Boldy going forward 'cause I can't find reverse
August 23rd, 2008Putting it together
August 25th, 2008Yesterday's news
August 25th, 2008Bit of a quiet day
August 26th, 2008And another day ends
August 27th, 2008Recapping today
August 28th, 2008Dinner with relatives
August 29th, 2008Things in the works
August 30th, 2008Hello, Sailor!
August 31st, 2008Quite the day of it
September 1st, 2008Labors of the day
September 2nd, 2008Too much noise in the signal
September 6th, 2008Back among the unwashed masses
September 6th, 2008Back to the normal grind
September 7th, 2008Not a happy ending
September 8th, 2008Errands with an early start
September 9th, 2008Code code and more code
September 10th, 2008Speaking of NASA
September 11th, 2008Another way to rewrite code
September 12th, 2008Have a meme
September 12th, 2008Writing away
September 13th, 2008Recoding continues
September 14th, 2008Despite it all progress was made
September 15th, 2008Groceries and goodies
September 16th, 2008My code is EEEEEVIL!
September 17th, 2008Bug squishing round II
September 18th, 2008Sound checks
September 19th, 2008Tests done, now for the fun part
September 20th, 2008Plodding along
September 21st, 2008Slow goes the audit
September 22nd, 2008Busy little day
September 23rd, 2008Long day is Long
September 24th, 2008Weeeeeeee!
September 25th, 2008Pov stays at the vet, I stay asleep
September 26th, 2008Newsy day
September 27th, 2008Loudest lunch ever
September 28th, 2008I've had better days
September 29th, 2008Stimulating the local economy
September 30th, 2008A stop at the world's largest garage sale
October 1st, 2008Documenting continues
October 2nd, 2008Still pushing
October 3rd, 2008Release day
October 4th, 2008Cleaning up
October 5th, 2008Gears start turning
October 6th, 2008Doctor Day
October 7th, 2008Open door, get cancer
October 8th, 2008Slow going
October 9th, 2008Stiff and sore
October 10th, 2008What a find!
October 11th, 2008Stuff to think about
October 12th, 2008Goof up of the day
October 13th, 2008Shopping and solutions
October 14th, 2008Busy birdies and Cujo
October 15th, 2008Writer's Block
October 15th, 2008Early to bed, late to rise
October 16th, 2008Day Off
October 17th, 2008Back to work
October 18th, 2008Things happen; or not
October 19th, 2008Way to kill a day
October 20th, 2008Long day
October 21st, 2008Low energy day
October 22nd, 2008Continuing on
October 23rd, 2008Let's talk about fear a moment
October 23rd, 2008A visit with the lawyer
October 24th, 2008Borrowing keys to the orbital LART for a little while
October 24th, 2008Moving along
October 25th, 2008Upstaging a rodent
October 26th, 2008Of Rock and Metal
October 27th, 2008Serial killers and shopping
October 28th, 2008A grand evening out
October 29th, 2008Daily grind
October 30th, 2008Reuben Reuben I've been thinking
October 31st, 2008The bird has landed
October 31st, 2008Ending October
November 1st, 2008Daily prattle
November 2nd, 2008Scheduled daily update
November 3rd, 2008Last day for this icon
November 4th, 2008Memeage
November 4th, 2008Moving ahead
November 5th, 2008Last political jest of the year
November 5th, 2008Odds and ends
November 6th, 2008Readings and thoughts
November 7th, 2008Today was brought to you by the word
November 8th, 2008Project Rainbow has launched!
November 8th, 2008Twas a battle
November 9th, 2008Life in the oncoming traffic
November 10th, 2008Shopping and stuff
November 11th, 2008Some things aren't for drinking
November 12th, 2008Little net change
November 13th, 2008Kirby and Kidneys
November 14th, 2008Very busy day
November 15th, 2008Pimp my franchise!
November 15th, 2008Rainy, weary day
November 16th, 2008Moving right along
November 17th, 2008Sick day
November 18th, 2008My tits are freezing!
November 19th, 2008An unexpected lunchion
November 20th, 2008Trials and Tribulations
November 21st, 2008Friendly luncheon
November 22nd, 2008Awkward day
November 23rd, 2008Upgrades and ponderings
November 24th, 2008A bit out of control
November 25th, 2008More noise
November 26th, 2008Early Thanksgiving
November 27th, 2008Fast day
November 28th, 2008Could have been better
November 29th, 2008Birdseed, Reuben and little else
November 30th, 2008Cool things afoot
December 1st, 2008Zombified day
December 2nd, 2008Songs about Rainbows...
December 3rd, 2008I'm too young for this crap
December 4th, 2008General overview of things
December 5th, 2008You've been voted off the island
December 6th, 2008Cold groceries
December 7th, 2008Waiting day
December 9th, 2008Recovering
December 10th, 2008Let's not go there, 'tis a silly place
December 11th, 2008Getting back to work
December 12th, 2008And so it continues
December 13th, 2008IT'S OFFICAL: WE'RE MOVING
December 14th, 2008Moving and Meatballs
December 15th, 2008Dentist and destination
December 16th, 2008Running around
December 17th, 2008Busy afternoon
December 18th, 2008Move continues
December 19th, 2008Only one errand today
December 20th, 2008Getting stuff in order
December 21st, 2008Daily Blargle
December 22nd, 2008A lot of work for nothing
December 23rd, 2008That is not an appetizer
December 24th, 2008Last sleep till Christmas
December 25th, 2008Christmas day 2008
December 26th, 2008Like camping, only dryer and warmer
December 27th, 2008Almost there
December 28th, 2008That's a wrap
December 31st, 2008Now that's prompt service!
December 31st, 2008Exit 2008


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