Posts from 2007

July 29th, 2007And so it begins
July 29th, 2007Kupier Hacked
July 30th, 2007Busy day
July 31st, 2007Little Tweak
August 1st, 2007Plans are made to be ignored
August 1st, 2007Mavel-ous ads
August 2nd, 2007Hot house
August 2nd, 2007Furnace Frolics
August 3rd, 2007Late night labors
August 3rd, 2007Failed to learn from history
August 3rd, 2007Short day
August 4th, 2007I CAN HAS FAN
August 5th, 2007Bat country
August 6th, 2007Early end of the day
August 7th, 2007Sound of Thunder
August 8th, 2007Funky Furnace Fun
August 9th, 2007Stromy Seas
August 10th, 2007Sleepy day
August 11th, 2007Not moving fast
August 13th, 2007Break in the action
August 14th, 2007Nuked and Paved
August 15th, 2007Much to be done
August 16th, 2007Slow progress
August 17th, 2007Still digging away
August 18th, 2007What fun
August 19th, 2007Bugfix day
August 20th, 2007Daily dabbling
August 21st, 2007Checked off and out
August 22nd, 2007Unexpected ending
August 23rd, 2007...
August 24th, 2007Comedy of error
August 24th, 2007Day away from the computer
August 25th, 2007Holy blog post Batman!
August 26th, 2007Rough day
August 27th, 2007Thoughts on things big and small
August 28th, 2007What a day
August 29th, 2007Early to bed
August 30th, 2007Warped and weary
August 31st, 2007Roboreader and Vorlons
September 1st, 2007Difficult day
September 2nd, 2007Putter Putter
September 3rd, 2007Clean up
September 4th, 2007Speedy day
September 5th, 2007Day trip 1
September 6th, 2007Day Trip II
September 7th, 2007What a day of it
September 8th, 2007Another quick day
September 9th, 2007New twist on an old joke
September 9th, 2007Day in, day out
September 10th, 2007Programmers start your fingers!
September 11th, 2007Patriot Day (has nothing to do with football)
September 12th, 2007On code
September 13th, 2007Objects in motion
September 14th, 2007Today was longer than longcat
September 15th, 2007Shopping and stuff
September 16th, 2007Not one of my better days
September 17th, 2007They're at it again
September 17th, 2007Today was quite the prick
September 18th, 2007Different kind of plumbing problem
September 19th, 2007Ahoy matey!
September 19th, 2007It's that time of year again
September 20th, 2007Trips and more trips
September 21st, 2007Tired day
September 22nd, 2007Slow progression
September 24th, 2007Wrapping up two days
September 26th, 2007Another double helping
September 27th, 2007Only one day's news -- how quaint!
September 28th, 2007"Tomorrow begins your greatest adventure!" -- Gandalf
September 29th, 2007Time for a Dark Crystal reference
September 30th, 2007Some things go smoother than others
October 1st, 2007Busy puttering
October 2nd, 2007Got groceries?
October 3rd, 2007Another day another errand
October 4th, 2007Of teeth and tolerance
October 5th, 2007A little bit of everything
October 7th, 2007Burnt out
October 8th, 2007One long day
October 8th, 2007Daily dreaming
October 9th, 2007Unexpected news and ideas
October 10th, 2007The stars are almost right
October 11th, 2007No energy
October 12th, 2007Objects in Motion
October 13th, 2007Rough day
October 14th, 2007Errands and silly stuff
October 15th, 2007Musings
October 16th, 2007Objects at Rest
October 17th, 2007Calm before the storm
October 18th, 2007Random quizzie
October 18th, 2007There and Back Again
October 18th, 2007Random bad joke
October 19th, 2007Where I stand
October 19th, 2007Yet another dentist visit
October 20th, 2007Caturday
October 21st, 2007Short and sweet
October 22nd, 2007About yesterday
October 22nd, 2007A day for the birds
October 23rd, 2007Daily fun
October 24th, 2007Busy day
October 25th, 2007Not all news is bad news
October 26th, 2007Random silliness
October 26th, 2007Picking up the parts
October 27th, 2007Concerns over fog
October 27th, 2007Trying again
October 28th, 2007Shopping day
October 29th, 2007Trick or Treat
October 29th, 2007Tricks and Treats
October 31st, 2007Pretty lively for a dead guy
November 1st, 2007Links galore
November 1st, 2007Now this is creepy
November 2nd, 2007So much to do and so little time to screw it up
November 3rd, 2007Refatoring and Extending
November 4th, 2007Changes
November 5th, 2007Long, busy day
November 5th, 2007Early to bed
November 7th, 2007A little here and there
November 8th, 2007Moving along
November 8th, 2007Moving forward, moving backward
November 9th, 2007I feel like crap
November 10th, 2007I've felt better
November 12th, 2007Long long day
November 13th, 2007Smooth sailing
November 14th, 2007More of the same
November 15th, 2007Unexpected Returns
November 16th, 2007Save the world with dark colors
November 18th, 2007State of the worlds
November 19th, 2007Errands and errata
November 20th, 2007Back on the grids
November 21st, 2007Thankgiving Eve
November 22nd, 2007Thanksgiving Day
November 23rd, 2007Progress and Pundits
November 24th, 2007Spicy repast
November 25th, 2007Pecking things out
November 26th, 2007Ioot 'n 'boot
November 27th, 2007Right aid
November 29th, 2007Darkness comes
November 29th, 2007Today was an eyesore
December 1st, 2007Goings on
December 2nd, 2007Deed is done
December 2nd, 2007What a day
December 3rd, 2007Comparison of Past and Present
December 3rd, 2007Struck Gold
December 4th, 2007I see dumb people
December 5th, 2007Working things out
December 6th, 2007Moving forward
December 7th, 2007In the clear
December 8th, 2007Shopping day
December 9th, 2007Getting there
December 10th, 2007Busy busy day
December 11th, 2007Restarting
December 12th, 2007Wee!
December 12th, 2007?
December 12th, 2007Code and chicken
December 13th, 2007Making headway
December 14th, 2007'Tis the season
December 15th, 2007Random day
December 16th, 2007Read this
December 17th, 2007Things on the mind
December 18th, 2007DnD Quiz
December 19th, 2007Wasting time
December 19th, 2007Second wind
December 20th, 2007Early to rise = early to bed
December 21st, 2007Buffet Day
December 22nd, 2007It's the Winter Solstice
December 22nd, 2007Memory game
December 23rd, 2007A poem...
December 23rd, 2007Burned out
December 24th, 2007Merry Christmas
December 24th, 2007Moving on
December 25th, 2007Christmas Day
December 26th, 2007Where everything is at
December 26th, 2007Slow day
December 27th, 2007Stuffing
December 28th, 2007Petering out
December 29th, 2007What fun
December 30th, 2007Well that went well
December 31st, 2007Year in review
December 31st, 2007Starting anew


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